Dyspraxia resource application - Final Year Project

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Dyspraxia resource application - Final Year Project

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Hi guys!

I am a final year student studying Computer Science at the University of Ulster. With final year comes a final year project. I have decided to focus in on creating an application for users with Dyspraxia, I felt this was important as someone with Dyspraxia.

There currently is not much out there either on the Google Play or Apple store for applications for adults with Dyspraxia. The applications that are out there require payments between £3-£49.

My main aim is to create an application to help users to improve upon their gross motor skills / gait movement and spatial awareness. Through the use of computer vision - this is the same technology used to make those old eye-toy games for the PlayStation 2 if anyone remembers them :D .

There will be a series of mini games where the user can track their own progress.

If this sounds like something that might peak your interest and you're 18+ I would be so appreciative if you could take one minute of your time and complete my user survey on suggestions for functionality / accessibility you would like to see in the app.


Responses will be recorded anonymously and I can only see response answers - not who filled out the survey as it is Google forms that holds all that information!

Any questions please feel free to PM me on here.

Thank you!

-Iona :)
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