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Studying Abroad

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Hi everyone,

I have just moved to France for a study abroad semester. It is challenging enough for anyone but especially with dyspraxia there are so many things to consider. Below I have outlined a few of the challenges I have faced so far.

Moving to a new place and living on my own without support of family and close friends
having to get around in somewhere you don't know
sensory overload on public transport, difficulty getting around on public transport, new system
all classes being taught in French (I find uni hard enough in English, so it's basically 10x the concentration required)
meeting and socialising often
meeting lots of new people
having to keep track of classes, homework etc (French uni system is very disorganised so we have essentially been left on our own to work everything out-dyspraxia nightmare!)
Lack of adjustment plan (Dyspraxia is not well recognised here, it seems very stigmatised and has been very dififuclt for me to get a plan in place, unlike my UK university where I get lots of help)

As you can see, I am feeling very overwhelmed and was wondering if anyone could suggest any strategies. I am 21 and wasn't diagnosed until last year, so as you can imagine I have spent my whole life masking the symptoms and difficulties of dyspraxia. Therefore, to the average person, it is not obvious that I struggle in day to day life and am left exhausted at the best of times,let alone with all these challenges to take on because of being abroad. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to manage everything? I don't want to miss out on opportunities or come across as rude for not socialising sometimes, but I really feel I do have to draw the line somewhere for the sake of my own mental health.


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