Learning to drive, driving, and using public transport

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I haven't posted lately but felt i had to today. I'm 49, found out I had dyspraxia five years ago, and today I actually went out on my bike - I only cycled down a little road, but it was quite a big thing for me, as I haven't done it for several years.

I had a lot of trouble learning to cycle as a child, and back then I didn't know anything about dyspraxia, and just used to feel stupid. It is great to be able to realise there was a reasons I struggled.

I had to pluck up the courage to even take my bike out of the garage, and getting on and off wasn't easy - but it is true that you don't forget! I quite enjoyed it. At least I and the bike came back in one piece - always a bonus!

I just don't feel I could go on main roads, and I can't seem to take my hand off and do a hand signal, while balancing. Has anyone got any advice?

As I've said on here before, thanks to everyone for all the support. This is the friendliest and most supportive place I've found online - and I would put a lot of that down to Tom, who always has something caring and supportive to say.

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Re: Cycling

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Thanks Nicky

Learning to cycle took me a while too. I didn't pass cycling profficiency at school but used to go out about with friends when I lived in forest I have cycled round Netherlands as Dad is keen The provision for and attitude of drivers to cyclists is so much better!

I think you have to be moving at a sufficient pace to do hand signals but trying to signal and look around at same time would probably cause me some unsteadiness too.

Not sure I'd survive unscathed for v long commuting in small city/local roads where I live but not got room to keep a bike in flat.

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Re: Cycling

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I gave up trying to learn.
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Re: Cycling

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I tried learning before, it was an absolute disaster in the end both myself and my dad realised it wasn’t happening so gave up
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