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Learning to drive

Post by Nyx »

I have wanted to start driving for a long time now but I am worried about driving with dyspraxia and finding a patient driving instructor. Is there anyone who knows a good driving school and can recommend them?

Tom fod
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Re: Learning to drive

Post by Tom fod »

Hi Nyx

Having nosed at previous posts are you still in London?
I guess you have a couple of options which will work wherever you are located, ask or phone around or do some online research so see what driving instructors in your area can offer or if anyone can offer any recommendations for instructors they/friends or family have used.

I think I responded to you with a couple of leads on Dyspraxia Support Groups in London. Perhaps members might be able to offer some potential leads.

Anyone else have any ideas/tips?

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Robert Scotland
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Re: Learning to drive

Post by Robert Scotland »

I can drive but had to do my test 5 times :blush: but I had a good paitent instructor

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Re: Learning to drive

Post by Bowiefan »

Hi hope you found someone who was sympathetic!

My own experience of learning to drive was over twenty years ago, and it took a long time to get the hang of it. At the risk of pointing out the obvious, do make sure that your instructor knows you are dyspraxic. I learned to drive in the days of the infancy of the web, so looking it up on a search engine was not something people did (my Mum, bless her, sent some photocopied articles to my instructor), but I did pass my test first time.
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Re: Learning to drive

Post by Dyspraxic-teacher »

I'm dyspraxic, I can drive - passed 1st time. (i did have 18months of lessons mind!). Remember the driving instructor is earning money out of you, so if he or she isn't supportive go somewhere else!

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Re: Learning to drive

Post by GenuineAndJosh »

Hi buddy, I hope you found a patient and understanding driving instructor eventually.

After almost two years of driving lessons with the same instructor, whom gave me plenty of support and understanding and patience, and had lots of faith in me, I passed my test first time round three years ago now. At first, I didn't want to tell my instructor that I have dyspraxia because of the fear of being judged and being treated differently, and things will get even more worse.

However after the first few months of driving with my instructor, I could see that my constant mistakes and never getting a lot right was really getting to him so I knew I had to do the right thing by telling him. The day I told him, he didn't look at me differently or treated me differently except he didn't put so much pressure on me and didn't give me a hard time over my same mistakes after that day; which made a huge difference.

I couldn't have asked for a better instructor and if an instructor doesn't accept your learning difference, he/she are so not worth your time and money, and I would advise finding another instructor. Anyone who can't understand and respect what your limitations are and that we need extra practise and patience, remember they are the problem and not you!

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Re: Learning to drive

Post by michele »

I drive...it was not easy but having really good reflexes helps.

A few things that helped. I took most of the classroom portion first and I am a strong tester. So I came into thedriving portion with the instructor seeing me as cooperative and intelligent. Then I worked very hard had a good instructor who didnnot yell at me. I also toldnhim to use your side my side instead of left right. Using a gps has helped a lot in finally connecting left right to the actual world in my brain.

I also worked on pedals and steering both seperate and together.

Keeping in a lane and parkkng are still a bit of a struggle but my trusty gps and I get by. Aside from that I had thenopertunitg to ride horses a bit growing up...itnmay be the reasom I suceeded.
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