Learning to drive a manual!

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Learning to drive a manual!

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I have recently started to learn to drive with my father(am yet to find a drink instructor that doesn't drop out last minute!)
Anyway! i have had my third driving lesson today, and thought that i might share my progress with you guys!
I am driving a manual... which is proving to be.. erm.. eventful, but i think i am getting the hang of it, slowly!

ALSO! I am not going to put any dates on or say what car it is, incase some of my family happen to come across this..

Lesson 1:
First attempt at driving.
Stalled the car a lot during the first few attempts, this made me get very stressed but i just had to suck it up and get on with it, I then managed not to stall it for the rest of the lesson! *YAY!*
I don't seem to have very good control over the revs or the clutch yet as they both seem to be all or nothing.. this is making the car jerk and bunny hop a lot..
I am also struggling at the moment doing something different with each limb and steering and watching the revs and speed and mirrors... It makes me just feel so overwhelmed just thinking about it.. I am planning on going out again with my father later this week for another lesson and we will see how that goes!

Lesson 2:
My second driving lesson with dad.
Didn't stall the car once!
Managed to go through all of the gears(except 5th.. Oh, and reverse), got through all of the gears smoothly and also managed to get up to 45mph!
I have a lot more control over the car now.. Including the revs and the clutch, which was my main issue last time... Needless to say, I am extremely chuffed with myself.. I feel that the website that I have found explaining the gears and the clutch has helped a lot as I now know what I am controlling by pressing a pedal, not just "you need to press it!"
Proper driving lesson wise... I have booked a block of 5 today! I am going to start them on the week commencing the 14th... Can't ******* wait! :D feeling really confident about it all...
This is the first time in a very long time that I have even thought that I will be able to drive a manual.. And I can!
Dad is taking me out again this week.. So we will see how that goes!

Lesson 3:
My third driving lesson with dad.
I'll be honest.. I'm feeling pretty disheartened right now. I selected the wrong gear and panicked. Causing us to have to stop in the middle of the road.... I then felt pretty tense and stressed from then onwards, after I did a couple more laps of the road, I got to the bridge and burst into tears, everything was just so overwhelming at that point, I felt that i was going to have a panic attack, I just lost it.
After I had calmed down, I did a couple more laps and began to gain more confidence.. I still don't 100% feel that I have got control of the car, like i had last time, but hopefully within time I will *crosses everything*
In other news... My driving instructor has now bailed on me... I now need to find someone else who does the same block deal, who isn't on holiday for the next 4 months...
Bring on next time! It will probably be mid next week as I work stupid hours... :(

until next time!
BYE! :)

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