putting air into tyres

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putting air into tyres

Post by mmayat »

has anyone else had problem putting air into tyre at patrol station, I always struggled with this. I have only done this once successfully. (there was no one else waiting behind me when I was able to do it) not sure how to check tyre pressure.

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Re: putting air into tyres

Post by Jim »

Ignore whoever is waiting behind you, until you are good a ready then they can 'STFU', they probably wouldn't hurry up for you, so you're under no obligation to feel pressured by them.

First of all, know what pressures you ought to be setting your tyres to. These can be found in your vehicle handbook or Google if you don't have these. (Or set to 30 PSI if you can't find that information).

At my favoured station, I set the pressure digitally on the control panel, and it beeps when the specified pressure is reached. Some machines may have the manual gauge so you may have to keep an eye on it and manually operate the pressure valve.

Make sure the tyre valve is firmly covered by the pressure nozzle.

If the valves on your car are metal, you may consider having them changed for the rubber type as these are far more reliable.

If you have to take your car to a service garage to have the changed then it helps to look like what you're talking about (even if you don't know what you're talking about) mechanics are far less likely to take liberties if they think the customer knows the tricks and is watching out for them.

In my youth, I was an apprentice mechanic, and have good experience of checking tyre pressure, tyre condition, changing tyres, puncture repair and wheel balancing.

When ever I take my car for any work, I tend to prescribe exactly what they need to do.
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