Can dyspraxic people drive manual cars

Learning to drive, driving, and using public transport

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Re: Can dyspraxic people drive manual cars

Post by lubellasquee »

I’m not massively sure but I’m giving it a darn good go! But I don’t think it’s impossible it would just take longer
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Re: Can dyspraxic people drive manual cars

Post by Jelly »

I passed my driving test (in a manual) in October last year. It took me longer to get around to passing my test than many people as I was happy on public transport and until then had always lived with good access to reasonable public transport service(s). I still don't "love" driving and would really prefer to be a passenger in a car but I drive most days even if I'm not quite ready to have the radio on as it distracts me too much and I have decided against getting the hands free kit for my phone.

I got a moped for a while before passing my test... that didn't work out so well. It did give a great perspective from a bikers point of view and now I'm probably a more considerate road user because of this experience.

As lots of other people have already said everyone's capabilities are individual.

Good luck!
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Re: Can dyspraxic people drive manual cars

Post by Wish90 »

I can't but I'm sure others can!! Try your best Driver and good luck
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Re: Can dyspraxic people drive manual cars

Post by Ben A »

I've never had a problem with driving, passed my driving test (manual) first time after not that many lessons, and drove buses, bendy buses and 40ft coaches with trailers for a well known bus operator for nearly 10 years and passed my bus test first time... albeit I did take out a couple of sides of buses with walls and railings during that time! :grin:
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Re: Can dyspraxic people drive manual cars

Post by Shadwell »

yes they can, but depends on how much effort they are willing to put into passing as well. best advice is to put everything into learning to drive, including getting someone else to teach, and while they maybe a drill sergent on small details, just remember why you are learning. I passed my driving test first time, and that was with the passenger seat screaming about 0.5 mph less than the maximum speed limit. made for a rather scary drive, as the passengers seat wouldn't give any other pointers on what it was expecting me to do apart from maintain speed, and to watch the distance from the kerb the whole time. so things like slow down now, or speed up now, or prepare to stop weren't in the lessons with the passenger seat. the only way I learned that was with the driving instructor, but he kept quiet most of the time, as he liked my driving without the drill sergent in the car!! lol, but to be honnest I wish I had learned a lot more sooner, as wasn't until about 6 years after passing my test that I would be anywhere near good enough to think on progressing my driving standard to be more competent behind the wheel.
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