% of dyspraxics who can drive

Learning to drive, driving, and using public transport

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Re: % of dyspraxics who can drive

Post by nickye »

Hi Ronnie and Jim
Good to hear from other people who've had similar experiences isn't it? You can feel quite alone. Well done for passing first time Jim - I passed the third time, but then lots of people do take more than one go and like any exam it's quite natural to get a bit nervous sometimes. I'm glad I persevered, although I think it would have helped me if I'd known about dyspraxia earlier on in my life. But better late than never!

Yes I bet you're good working with the children, Ronnie. It is difficult some of the practical things though isn't it? I think things improve over time. I think next time I'll look for a job in a purpose built school - part of the problem was that I had to put out lots of equipment, chairs and tables everyday because we were in a village hall, and even the kettle had to be packed away each day. And they kept changing things round which confused me!

Anyway, hope you're getting on OK and good luck with the driving Ronnie.

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Re: % of dyspraxics who can drive

Post by Saphyra »

I can drive but not well - this means I am sometimes overwhelmed by too much traffic and avoid driving into cities and on fast motorways. I had a minor accident once but since then I haven't been so sure anymore. I usually drive the same ways over and over again to get security..
This is a disadvantage sometimes as people then think I can drive them everywhere - I tend to explain that it is very difficult for me but do they understand? - mostly not..
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Re: % of dyspraxics who can drive

Post by phil8715 »

I can't drive but wish I could. The problem it costs a fortune to learn to drive, then you have to pass your test. Buying a car and insuring it also costs a fortune.

I wish there was a car I could drive on a provisional licence that doesn't cost a fortune.
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Re: % of dyspraxics who can drive

Post by Tim G »

I explained earlier in this thread my reasons for not wanting to drive but I just want to add hear driving wise is that i have recently learnt to drive a forklift so that's something to do with driving.
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Re: % of dyspraxics who can drive

Post by Joe »

I can drive and am surprised that I actually get lot of compliments from people on my driving.

It took me over a year to learn, with one hourly lesson a week. I passed my theory and practical tests first time, with only four minors. I am good with directions and always had a keen interest in reading road signs and following roads on maps as a child (pretending to drive from Scotland to Cornwall by following roads on the maps). I lack confidence driving however, and get really downhearted if I make mistakes. I have only recently started short motorway drives and have to stop for a break if driving further.
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Re: % of dyspraxics who can drive

Post by calumfsinclair »

I passed my test last week after 15 months of lessons!!! I spent 11 months in a car park, but practice does make perfect- or so they say! The hardest part is judging gaps and speed of traffic, but hopefully I'll get used to it…
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Re: % of dyspraxics who can drive

Post by Teamee »

I can drive an automatic, I find it a lot less stressful than a manual, maybe because there's one less thing to think about. Parking is a nightmare though!
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Re: % of dyspraxics who can drive

Post by desertboy »

Fortunately, I was able to learn to drive in my teens. I've managed to avoid having an accident due to caution but have and will never become a particularly skilled driver. My judgment of distances is still atrocious, so I have to avoid narrow roads at busy times.

I certainly would never ever be able to learn to drive a bus or a lorry. This is a shame because it would be a useful string to add to my bow with respect to employment.
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Re: % of dyspraxics who can drive

Post by Jim »

Yeah, spacial awareness is a problem, so I prefer to stick with smaller cars. I currently drive a 3dr Ford Focus.

I have driven a lights goods vehicle once, but didn't like it at all, because of lack of rearward, sideward and downward visibility.
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Re: % of dyspraxics who can drive

Post by Roxy86 »

yayitsronnie wrote:I have severe dyspraxia and I had a years worth of lessons in a manual when I was 17 and I wasn't even close to ready for taking my test. I got so frustrated that I just stopped learning to drive. Now it's 5 years on and I am learning again but this time I'm learning in an automatic. Although it is easier in some ways, the thing I find difficult is concentrating and remembering instructions/remembering things about the road in general! I find I have good and bad days. Some days a lesson will go amazing and other times I drive as if I'm playing crazy taxi. Literally no control of the car. I have never taken my theory test because I can't concentrate enough to revise. Anyway I'm babbling on a bit here but I basically don't think I'll ever end up passing/possibly even taking my test. It would mean the world to me to be able to drive though, I hate public transport with a passion and I feel terrible relying on other people for lifts all the time. Ahh, sad times.
Hi yayitsronnie, hope this message finds you well :) (loving the username by the way! :P lol!)

You're message sums up exactly what happened to me and how I feel; I attempted lessons in a manual from the age of 17 up to 21, and obviously, it didn't get me anywhere :( I got so frustrated with myself too, and gave up, feeling like something just wasn't 'clicking' like it just wasn't coming together like it should have been at that stage! ](*,)

My best friend lives in London with her partner (she is dyspraxic also) and has a cute lil NIssan Micra, automatic. Says its like driving a go kart, but not so great in London rush hour traffic!! :S lol!

I am so very tempted go give it a go for myself but fear failure I s'pose :( Like you, it's the concentrating on the theory (and the finance of owning a car)

Maybe one day eh... :)
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Re: % of dyspraxics who can drive

Post by Martyn89 »

I find it a joy to drive on a day to day basis as it took me just under a year to learn to drive and pass my test after 4 attempts, and since then iv had all sorts of fun and crazy journeys on my own and with friends.
Sometimes I have my moments when driving.. crashing into a 10mph road sign for instance.
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Re: % of dyspraxics who can drive

Post by screengreen »

Yes I can drive took me six tests and 5 years and have managed to total 2 cars eek! but I did my some advanced driving lessons help enormously now I am safer when I concentrate, but my specific problem is learning new movements so hopeless with areobics/Zumba etc. because they do new movements every few weeks "to keep it interesting" or in my case impossible!!! but unless I am learning new routes or as at present how to use a SATNAV I am generally OK but I dislike driving so only do when I have to which is a lot as I work in the community.
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Re: % of dyspraxics who can drive

Post by JohanMidas »

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Re: % of dyspraxics who can drive

Post by screengreen »

I can drive though some say I am dangerous others say They feel very safe with me I think it depends if I am trying to impress when I fail miserably due to concentrating too hard.
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Re: % of dyspraxics who can drive

Post by Minilin24 »

I drive and have an automatic licence. I couldn't co-ordinate my left leg well enough for clutch control and the whole co-ordinating of looking where I was going taking it in processing while changing gears was too much. I had a few near misses with a hedge driving around an empty field!! lol

I've been driving six years now, nearly. Considering learning again in a manual as I am comfortable with road layouts, speeds other users etc so Would be able to put more effort/concentration into co-ordinating my feet/hands.

I'd recommend anyone with Dyspraxia trying manual and then switching to automatic if they find it a struggle for them :)
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