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Re: Motorcycles

Post by phil8715 »

I've driven various twist and go scooters with very little problem. I couldn't manage a full manual motorbike as I can't handle manual car.
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Re: Motorcycles

Post by TCE »

I had a mo-ped when I was 16, but kept coming off it. I think it was definitely down to my dyspraxia. One time I came off twice in 10 minutes. I had some nasty knocks from driving that. I passed my manual car driving test when I was 17 first time, so now just stick with my car. I sold the mo-ped when I was just turning 17 I believe.
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Re: Motorcycles

Post by Mopps »

No I do not ride a bike and I won't be getting one either laddie.I am not meaning to be nasty here, but one of my best friends from school days lost her brother on a mother bike. Also another friend lost her daughter on a mo ped, years ago when she was only 16 years old, and one of my sisters her husband lost his brother to a mother bike too. So I am sorry but I just would not encourage any person to get one atall. I know you won't like what I have said but there are far to many people have accidents on mother bikes. I would hate to see one more.

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Re: Motorcycles

Post by liamj1987 »

im the mod scene and ride a manual remake of a vespa great fun and find it easier to ride then a car and fnd there isn't much to divert your concerntration like in a car.
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