Learning to drive, driving, and using public transport

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Post by Stibbins83 »

Does anyone here drive and how long did it take to pass your test. I passed on my 3rd attempt.
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Re: Drivin

Post by Katy456 »

Passed first time, no minors or majors within 3mths had to get it for a job so was rushed but actually think that helped went to do my theory test and had top marks was told by assessor “your not Dyspraxic” I always love reminding people it has nothing to do with your IQ
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Re: Driving

Post by Shadwell »

I personally think it depends on how determined you are as to how long it takes, like I was extremely determined, and passed first time, but that was because I taken over most of the driving for the household just to get the practice in, so all the runs to the shop and back, all the runs to pick my mother to up from work, an hour every night, plus whenever my driving instructor could show up for a driving lesson due to serious vandalism to the car (it was so bad that booked lessons for twice a week for 3 months, we got to 2 weeks and 1 day before my driving test, and I had to pay for more lessons as I had run out of my original 12 hours that I paid for at the start of my driving lessons). plus learning in a new car 2 weeks, and a day before my driving test.
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Re: Driving

Post by katherine100 »

I drive but I only have an automatic driving license. Really recommend trying automatic driving lessons for anyone out there struggling! Finding the right instructor is really important too. If you don’t click with someone and are finding the lessons really stressful then change instructor. My forth instructor got me there in the end. I found learning to drive very, very hard. It took me a lot of lessons but I did pass first time in the end. I’ve been driving for 12 years now and I’ve grown in confidence over time. Driving feels like a normal thing to do for me now. I’m still rubbish at some things like parallel parking though!
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