Driving (improving turning)

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Driving (improving turning)

Post by Emjay »

I cannot judge the distance when driving around a tight corner.with a kerb and on every car I scar the front left hand wheel.
Any tips on how to avoid this?
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Re: Driving

Post by Tom fod »

Sounds as if you could be anticipating and turning too soon/too sharply?
Could you find an open space on private land and set out cones to practise until you get the skill rooted?

I've parked this is Transport. If it's badly parked(?) my excuse is I'm visually impaired so don't mess around with this driving lark

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Re: Driving (improving turning)

Post by viktorlovisa »

I had a problem whether to press the gas when turning.I learnt that; You start pressing the gas pedal at the apex and slowly press it further. For regular old street driving, finish braking before you begin turning, and gently get on the power on the way out.
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