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Re: Friendship/relationship advice

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Interesting, I think I know why she ignored me and was being a bit off with me, she has now got a boyfriend so was dating someone else, my friend took a screenshot at showed me. Feel a bit annoyed again that she did that and decided not tell me that she rather not speak to me, to be honest I rather a girl be up front with me and just say I don't want to speak to you as I don't want to lead you on or rather we just stay work friends whatever. At least the last girl did at my last place of work. Some would say you shouldn't of asked whether she like me then it might not of ended bad for me. Yeah I'd agree it is difficult understanding why people might not reply to you. Most of the time I overthink to much and it just turns out they were busy. Id agree relationships are so difficult I had a chat with someone from work on Friday when i went out with some work friends he gave me some good advice, and he said relationships and finding someone is bloody confusing and stressful. He said you need to find someone you really enjoy and then join a club relating to that and talk to people your age there where it someone you want or not just to build confidence, however don't put to much emphasis on you liking her, just make it out as friends and just keep it like that in that mindset even though you like her. That way you not going to get stressed out and overthink it all, same if it goes to a date just treat it as going out as friends and see how it goes. Don't start thinking of it like you have to go out and be the best on the dates as that will make you more stressful just be friend like, however flirt a little and see if she does too just make it so you don't stay as friends.

I advent been yet it is holiday to wales me and my friend are doing in June, looking forward to it should be fun, there are a few types there. I think we plan to go on velocity the really quick one. What was the one in Canada like?
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Re: Friendship/relationship advice

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Who knows people are funny creatures and perhaps she didn't want to rub the fact she now has a new boyfriend in your face or had some irrational fear as to how you might react. Maybe she's concerned her new boyfriend might not like it and doesn't wish to give him any cause for suspicion, just in case. You can drive yourself mad speculating!

The Ziplining in Canada was pretty awesome and I think I was over a couple of hundred feet up. The put you in a hang -glider harness/suit and I think there were four stages of descent. Just been looking at their website and looks like they've added to the experience since when I went in Sep 2010

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Re: Friendship/relationship advice

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you have a lot of variables here: one, your work colleagues knew about this which may have made her uncomfortable; two, it's possible that you may have moved a bit too quickly. Just play it cool for awhile and be cordial. In time, who knows you may get another shot at this.
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Re: Friendship/relationship advice

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I think it's a good idea for you not to speak to her anymore. If she blocked you, it is likely that you're making her a little uncomfortable. I know that's not your intent, but it's best to leave her be now.
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