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Terrified of neighbour who is making me paranoid

Posted: Tue Aug 22, 2017 2:54 pm
by YellowSunshine
I live in a block of flats and the neighbour im talking about is opposite my flat with his window facing my flat.

He is constantly at the window, standing staring when im in the kitchen. At first i thought it was just a little kid messing around but after side glancing a few times ive seen he is an adult male. Im so scared of going about my life in the flat because i get a feeling he is constantly watching me. I always have my living room curtains shut because the moment i open them he appears at the window. My rational mind knows its probably just a guy looking out and its just coincidental. But he is making me so paranoid, i was heading to bed the other night and had all the lights off par my bedroom and i came through to the kitchen to take a drink and i saw movement and he appeared again. I was up at 445am in the morning for work and was just making my lunch and stuff for my work day ahead and he appears at his window with the lights on and he was just staring out.
I am feeling so freaked out
The odd chance i open my curtains to let light in or to feel human he opens his 5 seconds after, i close mine and then he closes his. I even once went around and turned on all the lights as i was feeling scared and 5 seconds later his whole house was lit up.
I went to take the rubbish out and felt this uneasy feeling and he was looking at me, i looked to his window and he quickly moved.
I am feeling so paranoid, ive never seen anyone enter leave his house so i dont exactly know who he is.
But then ive just turned 25, and im worried all this paranoia could be a sign of my mental health. Im pretty sure he isnt a figament of my mind. I know for sure hes real but id just like him to stop staring at me.

Re: Terrified of neighbour who is making me paranoid

Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:04 pm
by Tom fod
Its not good that you're feeling threatened. Do you know anything about this guy as there is posdibly a rational explanation for his behaviour. Have any of your neighbours mentioned him?

If he is making threatening gestures or behaving in a manner that you or others are concerned it may be worth calling the Police on their non emergency no 101 for advice. If that is unpalatable or a step too far, is there a Residents Committee or Housing Coordinator you could mention this to?

Re: Terrified of neighbour who is making me paranoid

Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 8:09 am
by Jim
Maybe it is coincidental.. and your life patterns largely match.

Have you ever spoken to him before?

If it's just that he's a bit of nosy neighbor maybe try turning the table and wave at him when you spot him staring that might suss him out.