Empathy & Reading Faces

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Empathy & Reading Faces

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I have read that Dyspraxics can be highly empathetic, this is true for me, so much so my career has been in mental health as a counsellor. I have wondered that in a one to one situation with no distractions it might be easier but though I seem to pick up on people's emotions very easily I can often miss reading someone's face or pick up on social cues. I'm finding it quite upsetting as someone may tell me something that is important and it's like it doesn't compute and they can get very upset with me and at that point I pick up on all their upset, and I feel awful about it. It makes me feel really awkward in social situations and I find keeping friends quite difficult.

I'm finding dyspraxia very confusing, how some things in our brains are off the scale and others can barely register. Hope this makes sense, I just don't get it. :S

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Re: Empathy & Reading Faces

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Hi Lenore and welcome.

Sorry for delay in response.

I do find/feel I have an enhanced empathy and feel I have a real sense of other peoples' pain and angst. It can be both a blessing and a curse and I do misread situations and overly worry very often to my own detriment.

That said my empathy can rapidly wither or be non existent in some situations/with some people. I think the difficulty can equally be other peoples incompatible empathy levels butting against mine in a regrettable imbalance.

We humans including those of us who are of the Dyspraxic /Neurodivergent kind are often unavoidably contradictory. I think we Dyspraxics also tend to be frustrated perfectionists. It can often be a difficult coping strategy to reconcile with an equally chaotic world outside our own. Well that is my hypothesis at least.

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Re: Empathy & Reading Faces

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I really relate to this. I also work in a caring profession and am very sensitive to peoples feelings but at the same time find it very hard to read peoples expressions. I find it so frustrating!

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