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Postby SwervingCentaur » Sun Jun 17, 2018 2:53 pm

I never worked for a company that is so unorganised. They’ve recently just taken one of their biggest contracts that the company has ever had, but what they failed to do. Is that they failed to calculate how much the machines can handle, which it turns out that they can’t. For the last week, every day the machines had been breaking down, requiring downtime and maintenance, which therefore puts the deliveries further back. Two QA’s are already leaving after only starting the same time as me. Forklift drivers are not turning in and only ringing the last minute, and we couldn’t get anyone in two cover them at the last minute. The wastage that they throw away is enormous, it does get recycled, but they are behind on the deliveries because of the wastage. I think I'm only going to be here for at least six to eight months, and then apply for another job.

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