My brain moves too fast

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My brain moves too fast

Post by Maximus12 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:13 pm

I'm a copywriter for a tech company in the City of London. I write well over 500 bits of copy every week in varying sizes and on many different topics. I find that my brain runs faster than I can type. When I've finished I have to look over something several times because I've missed out words that I said in my head but didn't actually write. It takes a long time to go back and correct everything. Does anyone have a similar issue with their job?

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Re: My brain moves too fast

Post by Tom fod » Sun Jan 14, 2018 7:42 am

The balance between speed and accuracy is always a difficult one and I suspect quite a lot a lot of people dyspraxic (or not) struggle.

I'm not a copywriter myself but I need to digest and organise information in written form and make a correct recommendation or carry out instructions in line with a set of rules and do this multiple times a day with different tasks. Because there is often time pressure and competing priorities it is often brain frazzling and stressful as I can't type as fast/accurately as I think and get everything in that I need to get across as I need to be thorough. I do notice that the more I have to try and juggle the more stressed I can be but I have to take care of myself and accept I can't do everything.and make a conscious effirt to slow down a bit which is not an easy thing.

It also seems that the rush and need to get stuff perfect and on time can really contribute to anxiety.A friend of mine who has GAD finds that it is difficult to keep up with me as my speed of walking exacerbates her anxiety.

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