Accepting being Dyspraxic

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Accepting being Dyspraxic

Post by Murpheous » Fri May 12, 2017 1:29 pm

Hey Everyone!

This may be the wrong place for this type of topic but..

How did you accept being Dyspraxic?

I've recently moved from my small country town and cozy job to the city with a more demanding type of job.
with a lot of in house training, the wall of text kind of training.

Due to this I've had a few dyspraxic moments and break downs.
As you can imagine

During one of theses break down i was confiding to a family member
who pointed out that i don't accept i'm dyspraxic and flat out refuse to ask for help out of the fear of looking weak or a "retard ".

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Re: Accepting being Dyspraxic

Post by Tom fod » Fri May 12, 2017 4:41 pm

We can all empathise with this. Disclosure always feels like a double edged sword. There are examples of and real fears that an employer would at best be dismissive. The anticipation of the difficulty inherant in making our case well in such a difficult conversation is frankly scary.

There's a legitimate argument that it takes strength to admit that somethings are more difficult for us. Anyone who is unwilling to accept this and wants to brand us a 'retard' is frankly the fool themselves!

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Re: Accepting being Dyspraxic

Post by cpr02 » Fri May 12, 2017 6:24 pm

Sometimes it can be a hard thing to disclose or speak about no one wants to feel singled out or different from everyone else. A lot of the time I feel I can fool myself into thinking I can do things when in reality I will need a little bit extra support or guidance

When you disclose that you have dyspraxia for me personally a lot of the time I will fear the other persons reaction as I have had some pretty bad experiences in the past

I don't think people appreciate how hard it can be to disclose and it always leaves me feeling pretty venerable only you will know whether you want to tell other people or not never let it be something that you feel pressurised into doing

For me accepting that I have dyspraxia has been a long process I ve been diagnosed since I was five and have gone through stages where it has been really well controlled and times when I have struggled I think I have had to learn the hard way and saw that at times I do find things a lot more difficult and need that bit extra support than other people

I hope you find things easier soon if there is anything I can do to help let me know xx

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Re: Accepting being Dyspraxic

Post by morgank82 » Mon May 15, 2017 5:50 am

My employer will not allow me to go back to work gradually from long term disibility , he is blaming the dyspraxia for the reason I walked off ( that I could not handle my obligations to the boat and I'm indanger to the vessel as a employee deckhand. )

The truth is I could handle the job responsibilities and procedures, in fact people who worked there before me struggle more then me.

My employer want's to insult my injury and itimidate me.
Breach of contract

I am not gonna back down , I know this is right thing to do, although it's hard at times, lots of sleepless nights trying to think 2x ahead and be positive. Doing tai chi helps a bit , but I still get these panic attacks or anxiety. Never had them before this, I know also it's not from being dyspraxic, I would not have past my schooling if it was.
I accepted my dyspraxia, do they ?, 'he'll no"

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Re: Accepting being Dyspraxic

Post by Nige1969 » Sun Jun 25, 2017 11:54 am

I've recently been diagnosed at the age of 48 after 3 sessions with an Occupational Therapist. Atbtge end of the last assessment I was told I definitely have dyspraxia but have to wait for her full diagnosis which I should get in a couple of weeks.

Might sound a bit bizarre but I'm actually relieved. Always felt largely out if sync with the world around me & really struggled with confidence & self esteem because of it.

My wife & step children accept me for who I am & the diagnosis hasn't really changed anything for them- I'm still me but they don't really get why I want to tell people I'm dyspraxic. To me it matters because it helps me know it's not my fault, there is a reason why I'm clumsy, absent minded beyond belief some days & why I'll never be any good at DIY.

Work have been really supportive, although at the minute only my line manager is aware of my diagnosis but has encouraged me to make an Access to Work application so someone can come into to where I work & assess if there is any special equipment or changes to my work environment that can be made to help me.

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Re: Accepting being Dyspraxic

Post by Louise2014 » Tue Nov 07, 2017 6:34 pm

Hi there

I totally understand why you want to tell people

I was diagnosed today aged 39 and I couldn't be more relieved that there is an actually reason behind my self diagnosed weirdness. I'm the past week I locked our keys in the shed, left my bag of the train, got lost making me late for a meeting and lost my house keys having to get the locks changed

Not to mention general communication problems :(

I'm telling everyone I've got dyspraxia from now on =D>


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Re: Accepting being Dyspraxic

Post by Mona79 » Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:03 pm

I'm 38. My diagnosis was on Monday. Not sure why but I doubt it though I can see about 15 points why I shouldn't.
Not adjusting well to it. I feel stupid suddenly. Ironic!

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Re: Accepting being Dyspraxic

Post by Desert Rose » Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:22 am

After many years of being called a retarded for my different behavioral and thought patterns and never understanding why I didn't fit in, and beating myself up for being myself, I actually made the effort to research the learning disability I always knew I had. It explained everything to me that I had done over the following years and what had happened to me, and since then I've found it easier to accept myself, since I had realized there was very little I could of done about it all. As a result I'm less harsh on myself, but I do still get a little worried from time to time how others view me, even though ultimately I don't give a ****. If people are still narrow minded and judgemental enough that they can't see past all of the bumbling foolishness and strange habits then quite frankly they're not worth my time anyway. In summary, I'm happier now I have a greater understanding of myself, as Sun Tzu wrote 'know thyself, know thy enemy, a thousand battles, a thousand victories'.

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Re: Accepting being Dyspraxic

Post by Jim » Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:46 pm

I think that I accepted my dyspraxia so long ago that I can't really recall how I came to terms with it. But I guess it fitted within the natural course of me growing up and developing my maturity.

There's been times of course when I've really struggled but ultimately I have good personal insight and have always been confident enough to be open about it.

I sense that upon occasion some people are actually intimidated by my difficulties because they realise that I'm every bit as competent as they are.. sometimes more so despite the handicap.
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