Looking for Work-Life BalanceTips

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Looking for Work-Life BalanceTips

Post by skyebison » Mon Nov 07, 2016 9:38 am

Hi all. I was hoping for some tips on work life balance. I started a new job this year and it's pretty demanding compared to my last job. It's a good job and I think I'll do well in the long run. But right now it has me feeling really down and emotionally/mentally drained. The company culture is such that it's more important to always look busy than to actually get work done. We have frequent meetings and I often don't get a lunch break, let alone small breaks during the day. I think this is typical for corporate America.

My commute is pretty bad too, and for the time being moving closer, public transit, or changing my schedule around are not options. Traffic is so bad in the mornings that I am usually exhausted by the time I get to work. We're talking an hour or more of stop and go traffic. Then I work 8+ hours with out many breaks. The commute wouldn't be as bad if I could listen to a podcast or something, but I can't concentrate on driving in really bad stop and go traffic if I"m also listening to something other than music.

When I get home I'm too tired to pursue any of my usual hobbies or interests. I end up playing a few hours a video games and then just browsing the internet until I go to bed.

I know some of this is just "growing pains" from transferring from my first post college job which was really laid back, part of it is normal work stress that everyone gets, and part of this is that it's not a good environment for someone with dyspraxia. Was hoping to get some insight things I can do to make my commute, work day, and post work evenings a little better.

Things I have tried in the past that help: listening to calming instrumental music while I work (not always an option, but it helps when it is), taking a walk during lunch if I can get out (often I have meetings and can't, and it's now the rainy, icky winter, so it's unpleasant if I can), taking small breaks when I can (it's the law to have a 15 minute break for every four hours of work where I live, but it's not really enforced), telling my boss I need a quiet work space (sometimes she is able to accommodate this, sometimes she's not. She's generally pretty cool), scheduling time for relaxing activities outside of work, journaling outside of work.

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Re: Looking for Work-Life BalanceTips

Post by Tom fod » Thu Nov 10, 2016 11:50 pm

Know the feeling I seem to often dismiss my reminder to take a lunchbreak before I head home

Is starting/leaving earlier an option for avoiding worst of rush hour traffic?

Could you get together with colleagues and persuade management to change policy to respect that people need and have time to take a proper lunchbreak?

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