feeling isolated as your demons in your inner dyspraxic self got the upper hand.

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feeling isolated as your demons in your inner dyspraxic self got the upper hand.

Post by morgank82 » Mon May 04, 2015 6:07 am

I am trying to write a book on isolation thoughts in dysprexia adult eyes In Canada bc.
I did research on the disibility especially for adulthood , and what appears to be most towns that or cities that has mental health centre's in British Colombia does not know dyspraxia or dcd exists let alone have a field in It.

Interesting fact I talked to many councilors and Dr's in mental health and one Dr for 40 years she studied in mental disorders but when I asked her and she is really knowledgeable on others like autism ahad and dyslexia, but for some reason her mind went blank she turned red in face when I gave her my dyspraxia assessment from the past. She had no clue at all dysprexia existed. And she thanked me cuz I was the only one who gave her the knowledge and to meet a man under dyspraxia .
now I know there is funding out there for it and some times u have to pry open the barrier jar cap to get to the sweet nactur. But I want to get a book started to talk about isolated thoughts of dyspraxia in canada bc.

I find its strange cuz they have support groups for all above but not this disorder that can be very serious to one's health and mind, it needs better recognition around these parts. I can't wrap my head around it.
so give me your thoughts and opinions please do on this topic
and if your from Canada,that will be a bonus.either or opinions and thoughts are good.


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