Comforted by thoughts of human extinction

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Comforted by thoughts of human extinction

Postby JamesAnthony91 » Wed Jan 06, 2016 6:03 pm

I read a few articles about some possible "mass extinction event", that could include an end to our species, and I find the thought oddly comforting. I guess I am both a misanthrope and a humanist. I don't hate all humans, I do want to do my best to help people, and it would be instinct(I know from experience) to help a stranger who's in danger, but I just find the idea of a new start for the planet oddly comforting. I remember the whole 2012 apocalypse thing. I knew that logically it was all just hype...but I slept peacefully that night, kind of hoping it turned out that by some twist of fate and probability, the world as we know it really would end. I mean, I'm not suicidal, I have plans for the future, I even hope to live long enough to see, and maybe contribute to, the finding of multi-cellular alien life. For some reason, I just find the idea of a some "reboot" for Earth comforting and peaceful, though it contrasts with my hopes for the human species to keep evolving and to help expand our knowledge of the cosmos.

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