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Postby MusicL22 » Mon Jun 18, 2018 3:30 pm

Hi everyone, does anyone else here have severe problems with drawstrings? First of all when I was in my mid to late teens I always wore a drawstring bag everywhere I went, this was all well and good but I never adjusted them. So if I wore it too long or something heavy was in the bag it would feel like it was cutting into my shoulders, sometimes even if light things were in it.

More recently I have noticed that if I have any drawstrings on my clothes I tend to ruin them, like not getting the strings equal. This results in one being extremely long or short and in some cases tripping over and dragging them on the floor. I can't figure out how to adjust them and any attempt makes the mess worse, so now I have just decided to get someone to take them off and I wear the clothing without.

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