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Early infant school memories

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 12:11 pm
by MusicL22
Hi everyone the thought occurred to me that I should share and document the following:

In infant school I was constantly getting told off for not spelling properly. This made me burst out crying. I was shaky at anxious all the time and very miserable. At the time I considered the 1990's as 'Dull'.

I had outbursts of screaming on the apparatus, gripping very tightly to the ropes. I jumped off the apparatus,screamed and didn't land on my feet. Other children had to help me because of how small I was.

I had many bangs to the head during this time, I used to fall backwards for no reason. I tripped up for no reason. One memorable time I was being cheeky to a friend at the time who wasn't a friend because she got me into trouble. So as I was being cheeky I said "follow me", she then pulled my hood and I went backwards into a small tree and lost consciousness.

I remember the head mistress happened to be looking through the playground window. I was told this later on by her. The receptionist rang my dad and then we collected my dad and went to the hospital.

I was shown my head xray, no cracked head however when I was 21 I had an mri showing multiple lesions in the frontal lobe.

Re: Early infant school memories

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:34 pm
by firemonkey
I don't have many memories. What I do know is my first school in Thailand were so concerned they suggested my parents get me tested for what is now called cerebral palsy. The test was negative and unfortunately no other possibilities were explored. We are talking about the early 60s when knowledge of dyspraxia(or what it might have been called then) and other developmental/learning difficulties was far more limited.