Surface sensitive?

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Surface sensitive?

Post by MusicL22 » Sat Jun 02, 2018 9:17 am

Hello I am wondering if anyone else here experiences this? I find that I can't get comfortable in certain positions like others can. For example if I am trying to sleep I feel the pillow is digging into me? Or my body is very irritable from as little as catching my hair up? Or my body twisting and trying to settle in one position? This can make me active and a ratty tossing and turning. Or I feel I'm more tense than others in other examples. I also don't like the sides of my neck touched like sometimes as we were going somewhere my dad would touch my neck as a come on get moving gesture and I moaned every time. Same for hairdressers knocking the side of my neck though I tried ignoring it.

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Re: Surface sensitive?

Post by Qasdee » Wed Jun 20, 2018 11:43 pm

Hi. Interesting i hate wearing tight clothes to sleep and i hate sleeping on rough bed (i.e. without fitted sheet). Suppose thats normal.iam generally irratible when im touched specifically on my heasld but it may be 'normal'. I do sit differently to others i either slouch or sit cross with one feet up across the other leg (Common feminine trait) but i suppose that might just be a personlity trait. Wonder if its something more. Hope other guys reply...

Qasdee (my nickname btw)

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