Efficacy of Modafinil

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Efficacy of Modafinil

Post by allesandro » Tue Mar 06, 2018 2:05 am

My doctor recently prescribed Modafinil ( in the US) for my dyspraxic symptoms and although I was very skeptical about its potential for efficacy I started taking it anyway. I am very pleased with the improvements I've noticed with regard to processing speed, on task behavior, organizational skills, and improvement in cognitive ability. I don't know what the drug is called in the UK but in the US it's not federally approved for the treatment of dyspraxic symptoms, it's only FDA approved for treatment of narcolepsy, but it has many off-label uses. I've tried just about everything to improve cognitive ability and processing speed as well as ability to organize multiple stimuli. This one seems to work best, for me anyway. It's not a controlled substance, and has no addictive potential ,or nasty side effects(for me anyway) and because it's generic it's very inexpensive. Just wanted to pass this along in the event that it might be of help to someone.

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Re: Efficacy of Modafinil

Post by Dan » Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:06 pm

Modafinil was originally used by the US Air Force to allow pilots to work longer shifts if needed, I think. I've tried it before, and it is useful as a stimulant because it is not euphoric in any way, meaning that it doesn't give way to abuse over time. I didn't personally like it very much as it made me rather anxious, but I am an anxious person by default, so this is no surprise. Caffeine also makes me anxious, just for context.

If you are looking for other nootropics, especially if you want one that targets dyspraxic symptoms (as modafinil isn't specificially for dyspraxia). you should ask your doctor about piracetam. It has no psychoactive effects, meaning that it is not something you'll necessarily notice is affecting you at any given moment; rather, it improves memory and I *think* also helps with fine motor control. I remember reading that it was tested with dyspraxic patients, and benefits were noted over time. :) It's something that has a cumulative effect, so you don't just take it and notice 45 minutes later a difference. Therefore, the best way to try it out is to take it for a few days each morning for it to establish itself fully.

Funnily enough, the reason I learnt about piracetam in the first place is because I was interested in dreaming, and I read about a drug that could make it much easier to remember dreams, along with making the dreams remembered more vivid. Not only that, but piracetam also appears to 'unlock' access to very old memories that we may have thought were gone forever. It's really intriguing.

Anyway, ask your doctor to see if it's FDA approved if that sounds at all interesting to you. :)

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Re: Efficacy of Modafinil

Post by firemonkey » Tue Mar 13, 2018 4:50 pm

From my promethease report

Magnitude: 2.5
Frequency: 24.8%
(worrier) advantage in memory and attention tasks Little or no response to modafinil. You are more difficult to hypnotise. Placebo is more effective http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/10/magaz ... wanted=all

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