Mistaken for rude?

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Mistaken for rude?

Postby pendragon » Tue Jul 04, 2017 8:45 am

I thought I'd check if this was a dyspraxic trait or just a personal trait ...

I like to think I've a good sense of humour. I love old school comedy and am always quick with quips and puns. Yet when I try to make jokes, more often than not they fall completely flat. If people don't think I'm being serious (I have quite a deadpan delivery), they think I'm being rude and take offence, which is completely not my intention! This happened with a guy I used to work with and damaged our relationship forever afterwards, even once I explained I'd never meant to hurt his feelings. I can't remember what I said to him, so I can't test it with other people to see if it's offensive!

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