An ingenious or perhaps crazy idea

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An ingenious or perhaps crazy idea

Post by michele » Fri Oct 28, 2016 9:50 pm

Some of you may have read my previous threads - I am pondering looking for a way to come to the UK, Ireland, Canada...a country that knows what the hell Dyspraxia is.

I have been researching for more then 6 years and wish I could get a single bloody credential...but since I have dyspraxia and am 41 years old I feel as if I have been flushed down the toilet/loo.

You have support groups, job accomidation, actual research, occupational therapists who have been trained in we have nothing. (USA)

I am gainfully employed and have worked my whole life....I'm not sure of the school equivalency there but I have a lot more self education then I have official....I am trying to figure out if I could come there and do one or more of the following.

A. Complete my degree with actual support

B. Somehow gain a research grant despite my lack of official standing

C. Get into a paid internship specifically related to supporting something related to dyspraxia or education

D. Continue doing theater or tech support or whatever while at least having access to actual support groups and seeing services

I can not afford to just go over there for months I would need income while there....that said my goal would be to maybe change my life/bring knowledge back home in order to help others there.

Bonus I do have UK heritage so always kinda wanted to visit.

Among other things I may have figured out why so few of you drive and I do....and part of that is automatics. Learn on them I seriously mean it...if I do we will see if I can learn stick after driving for years. I always wondered but now it kinda makes sense automatics are rare there here there are many giving us a better chance

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