Gastrointestinal problems and Dyspraxia

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Gastrointestinal problems and Dyspraxia

Post by Duck1986 » Fri Nov 13, 2015 1:51 pm

Hi all,

First post here so hi!

Over the last year, I've been something of a medical mystery, having first hand unexplained aching in my right foot joint at 28, and then began to have pains around my bowels, which was attributed to IBS, but I've also been through all manner of tests for chronn's and other illnesses. I've had some pains also which lead to excessive belching.

I never thought to mention that I have dyspraxia to the doctors, but I was on an autism awareness course earlier today, and the guy running it mentioned about people with autism being more likely to experience gastrointestinal problems, which led me down the line of thought of the links with autism to dyspraxia :?: - then upon searching the internet, people have mentioned about the back muscles in people with dyspraxia and this leading to abdominal problems.

Has anyone else had problems in this area (feel free to PM me if you'd rather stay anonymous to everyone else!)?

It's a line of thought I'd not considered, but might, just might, make sense. :-k



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