Attitude behavior traits are changing for the worse under depression and dyspraxia .

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Attitude behavior traits are changing for the worse under depression and dyspraxia .

Post by morgank82 » Sat Sep 12, 2015 4:29 pm

My attitude and behavior traits are changing for the worse , I'm complaining a lot to my family members renting about situations they can't help me on Sept for give me advice. I'm turning anti social to where I don't want to go outside anymore and to the point my space is getting worse in mixing up words and forgetting .

I had to take a year of work now and its been hell since then of paper work long waits and miss communication and miss understanding with my benifit program, mostly my fustraition is because of the sition with my disibility claim, its not going smooth for me. And I'm digging my self more into depression and guilt cuz I complain a lot after, just a negative atmosphere I am creating or I am in.

I was not like this , it feels like my dignity is going away , I use to be Independant enough and never complain . But I am changing repidly and it's sucks. What sucks is that I don't know if my behavior traits is flairing up cuz of being stress having dyspraxia or if stress and depression is making my symptoms worse and new symptoms are arising in me .

I'm off balance and thinking bad thoughts to where it scares me now , it feels like a lot of negative energy is fusing in me at once and I can't think strait and I just want to go to bed and try to sleep all the time to shut it off .

Feeling trapped here more then ever.
Does anybody or is anybody going through this ?
I have no friends or true friends to talk to, for I am scared the friends I have left I will chase them away. And I feel tired so tired ,
I'm 33 sitting staring at the wall meditation I can only do so much or it can only help me so much , I want to live I want to overcome this rutt I digged my self into.
I'm not drinking nor doing drugs, just anxiety depression kicking my ass . And I can't explain to my councilor enough to make him help me. There is no op or gp around or its very hard to get into a visit.

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