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Post by Syrons » Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:49 pm

Hi there

I am doing a charity night at the Naka Thai resturant in Colchester/Essex on the 30th of April in aid of Dyspraxia Foundation. I'm trying to make the night as good as possible, just enquiring weather anybody has advise or any leads/contacts. I could possiblely use, I have a list of peoeple so far, I'm in contact with, so far so good. I'm just wondering if anybody had any useful advise... Plus i have another interview with BBC Essex about my charity night on Wednesday 11.40.. BBC Essex are planning to cover the event, which is really good. I'm planning to do many other things after this night, this night is well more of a introduction about Dyspraxia. I've met with someone on from one of the Dyspraxia Yahoo groups which was really good!! He is part of my team as i call it! Always looking for more people locally because i have other ideas, which if i have enough on board, then the better!! http://www.gazette-news.co.uk/news/loca ... bike_ride/ here is my bit in my local newspaper, i was page 3 with a huge spread! :D

Kind regards

Ian Humm

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