Struggling with my dyspraxia...

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Struggling with my dyspraxia...

Post by Littlemisskaty95 » Tue Jul 17, 2018 1:51 pm

Hey I just wanted to talk with someone who understands, I’m normally a really positive person but I’ve been really forstrated with my dyspraxia the past few months. I’m really trying to challange myself and grow as a person I’m a married 23 year old who does a little bit of nanny work but I also do charity work. I also have dyslexia,ocd and really bad anxiety also and today I decided to push myself and do a presentation and a lady asked me a question and I went blank and had a panic attack,fortunately my friend was there to take over and saved it for me but I feel really flat and disappointed and just wanted to cry.I get myself really prepared as lots of people say your less anxious if you are but my brain goes completely blank on Me randomly and it’s so frostraiting! I feel so stupid,how can you know really well about something and then the next minute feel like you never learned anything? If I was asked on a better day I’d of been a different person.
I know some of this is anxiety also. Another thing is I have no attention span, I really want children so I’m trying to get better at some subjects so been revising going online course so so I can help them as they get older to learn and do homework and give myself better self asteem so I know I’m not stupid and can do Things but after about 10mins I crash and feel really tired which makes taking in information really hard,I don’t know if I’m just lazy or if it’s something to do with my dyspraxia but I’d get it when I was in collage and it’s was a nightmare! has anyone else had similar difficulties? Thanks so much for reading xxx

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Re: Struggling with my dyspraxia...

Post by Tom fod » Tue Jul 17, 2018 10:31 pm

Hi and welcome Katy

I've moved this from the Lounge which is more an area of the forum for very non-specific /non-dyspraxia related stuff.

It is the anxiety but the lack of feeling in control that dyspraxia causes feeds the anxiety. Take a leaf out of the politicians book and answer a question by deflecting back and asking them a question or make a note and say you'll get back to them or ask them if they could ask it again when you have finished. (easy for me to say now as I would have been lost /distracted by an unscripted question).

I find I'm very apt to take to take on too many things and not do any of them as I'm trying to juggle a completely unrealistic to-do list. That sadly does not stop me worrying or feeling bad about what I need to sort out. You are not last so please try to never level that accusation against yourself. prioritising is never easy and I do think we try to do too many things at once and then beat ourselves up for failing. Please also try to refrain from comparing yourself to others who seemingly have everything in control.

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Re: Struggling with my dyspraxia...

Post by grissom2984 » Tue Aug 14, 2018 8:35 pm

I've struggled with the lazy issue before. What appears to be laziness to many (including my own parents), for dyspraxics is a genuine degree of exhaustion and inability to cope in the moment. I feel so overwhelmed that I end up shutting down, which creates an appearance of apathy and lethargy. Also, we as dyspraxics are very motivated by what we care about. Many people can muster the drive to do something just because they have to. If I can't see a bigger or more altruistic reason why I should do something, I'm much less motivated to do it. I struggle with the "just get it done" minutia. It's ok to go at a slower pace. When you need to make a presentation, take advantage of the fact that even if you've been given a time limit, you're really the one in control, so if you need to take a beat or two to breathe to collect your thoughts when you get a screw-ball question, do it. Learning the preacher trick of the studious/prayerful-looking pause (when he's really trying to remember what to say next) is helpful. Keep challenging yourself! Be proud of what you've accomplished, even if it's just the fact that you stepped up to be challenged. Little victories are still victories!

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