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General cogitive assessment -Cognifit

Postby firemonkey » Wed Mar 14, 2018 1:21 am ... itive-test ... perception

I was surprised at my spatial perception score of 608/800 which is a high score. In reality I have a poor sense of direction. Also I have always been poorly coordinated.

High scores apart from spatial perception were contextual memory 402,auditory short term memory 742, inhibition 429,updating 478, visual perception 469,estimation 607,visual scanning 605.

Low scores were planning 99, visual short term memory 37,non-verbal memory 99,hand-eye co-ordination 8,recognition 181 (Blurb says it's high score but in red for low score) .

Moderate scores though below 400/800 were shifting 292,processing speed 329,naming 346,short term memory 307,working memory 360,focused attention 307,divided attention 310,response time 297,auditory perception 214.

I am wondering with the high spatial perception score whether I should question dyspraxia .

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Re: General cogitive assessment -Cognifit

Postby Tom fod » Wed Mar 14, 2018 10:45 pm

I think you have to be careful here as we rarely if ever fit a stereotypical model of what someone with dyspraxia (and /or X other near diverse condition) should be like, can/can't do etc.

Maybe your spatial perception is one of the (possibly many) exceptions to the rule, or you have managed to develop this as a 'skill' from making a concerted conscious effort not to bump into other people/things.

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