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Post by tomrow2019 » Tue May 07, 2019 10:26 pm

Hi everyone. Thank you for reading my post. My name is Tom. I am a 30 year old Dyspraxic from Staffordshire UK. Since a very early age I have had multiple learning difficulties. I have experienced problems with Reading, writing and speech. At the age of thirty, I still sometimes struggle with these things. After a couple of nocks, falls and operations I had as a kid,my motor skills, balance and co-ordination is now different to most people. My hands randomly shake at times. I also struggle in certain social situations. People in my own family have even made fun of me in the past

I live on my own and I work full time. I work in the debt team for a water retailer. You can imagine how stressful the job can get. With my personal obsticals added onto that, the job is 100 times more difficult for me, and I don't always get the support I need at the workplace. I fall behind other teammates,make a lot of mistakes and this gets me down and depressed.

Ater a discussion with my line manager today, I am going to see about trying to raise more awareness of Dyspraxia at my workplace. I also feel that there should be workshops and support groups for young people with dyspraxia. I am considering forming a group/ workshop in my local area as there is not enough out there at present. There are people out there in a similar situation to me who don't get help. I believe that dyspraxia is something that can get better over time. I for one like doing creative things, (drama theatre, creative writing etc) which I find can help a lot.

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Post by I_Voyager » Thu May 09, 2019 5:31 pm

Welcome to the forum friend. I also was made fun of growing up for my dyspraxia (it could have been worse.) I also enjoy creative pursuits to cope with dyspraxia. Unfortunately I've been pretty depressed and that's been soaking up a lot of my will power and creativity.

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