Hello from Yorkshire

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Hello from Yorkshire

Post by DyspraicCop » Mon Apr 23, 2018 10:58 am


I have recently been diagnosed with Aspergers and Dyspraxia I am 50 years old in a months time, it has hit me pretty hard and is afecting my worklife. I have been signed off wor for anxiety and is currently getting support from the Mental health team NHS.

I am hoping that I am not all alone in this.

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Re: Hello from Yorkshire

Post by Tom fod » Mon Apr 23, 2018 7:47 pm

Hello and welcome

You most certainly are not alone and quite few people in their 40s and older find out they’re affected having somehow got along for years knowing they were different but not really having any kind of explanation as to why.

Even armed with this info, we have to process this new information about ourselves and what it all means and how or whether we tell others and their likely reaction. It is very frightening. If it is any comfort your not being diagnosed only now can be viewed as testament to your ability to stay under the radar and manage to compensate for the difficulties you face. We may share the same condition but we’re still unique. Please don’t feel this diagnosis changes who you are try instead to see it as new info to help you get the best out of yourself.

It can be very quiet here and responses can be a bit slow in coming but I hope you stick with us and have a good look at the posts here.

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