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Hi everyone, and a bit about me.

Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:43 pm
by Ben A

So I found this forum after doing a bit of searching, and it seems really good. It's quite interesting to read about other peoples stories and the issues they have to deal with too.

Basically for me, things began in primary school. I had a horrible schooling. Teachers thought I was very disruptive at first, and I was basically removed from mainstream school at around 7 years old, and I spent time on units/boarding schools for special educational needs. I was diagnosed with Dyspraxia (around age 9/10 I think - I'm 35 now). Eventually I returned to mainstream school, after a long fight by my parents with the education authorities, in order to get me the learning support I needed, and so I could complete a better range of qualifications.

I can definitely identify with a lot of issues other people mention on here. Social situations are 'difficult' at best, I have few people I can truly call friends. I have anger issues from time to time (with my brother - wish I didn't, as it is ruining our relationship). I don't deal well with stress at all. My hand/eye co-ordination is horrendous at best - ball sports are horrific and I spent years at school avoiding P.E classes due to this. Because of this I avoided doing sport at all after I left school for years, yet ironically, I now do cycling/time trialling and triathlons! I also drive large vehicles for a living. I find this a really strange condition in so far as how it affects some people in some areas, yet not in others, but guess that's what makes everyone different and individual.

Hope this provides a bit of insight from another perspective, sorry if I've gone on a bit. It's not been the easiest post to write, but other people seem very honest with their difficulties, so thought I should be also, and good to join a group at last.


Re: Hi everyone, and a bit about me.

Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2017 10:06 pm
by Tom fod
Hi Ben snd welcome.Thanks for your introduction and please don't worry about how long (or short) it is.

There's quite a high incidence of people also having attention difficulties and since dyspraxia is not well understood or always very well accepted by others, and even ourselves, it can really make life complicated.