Feel so lost

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Miss Lou
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Feel so lost

Post by Miss Lou » Tue Jun 06, 2017 9:49 am

Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, but so pleased I've found it.
Only in the last few months have I worked out how bad my dyspraxia is. I've know for a few years that I'm different, and do things in my own way and then get confused looks from people. Just thought I was a bit different nothing more. But no, I have dyspraxia and need to learn to deal with it and help myself with the daily struggles it brings.
I feel so emotional right now as I know I won't get help from my doctor, been there and asked, but because of my age (42) they have said there is no help as it stops once you reach 18 !!! Bit late for me then ah.
I'm currently at college studying English and also training to be a ta in schools. I have asked for an extension on my English exams but as I don't have an official diagnosis they can't help me.
Feel a bit low today, sorry guys and girls

Tom fod
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Re: Feel so lost

Post by Tom fod » Tue Jun 06, 2017 9:36 pm

Hi Lou and welcome

If your difficulties are making life miserable and affecting your ability to keep up it may be worth pushing your college harder and if necessary making a formal complaint concerning their failure to offer reasonable adjustment.

The Dyspraxia Foundation have a helpline and a website and I recommend you contact them for advice on routes to obtaining a diagnosis/needs assessment and also have a look at posts and responses on this forum.

I'm sure you'd make a great TA and thinking differently means you may be able to help pupils who struggle to get their head around learning as taught to the majority.

Please don't lose hope.

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Re: Feel so lost

Post by darkneo » Wed Aug 23, 2017 5:35 pm

Hi Miss Lou,

I am darkneo and I am new here too, I understand how you feel as I am the same as you, but I have no friend to talk to about how I feel. It can be hard a lot of the time to just "keep going" but I do.

Take care Darkneo.

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Re: Feel so lost

Post by Imamuppet » Sat Oct 14, 2017 2:35 am

Hi I think we have a lot in common, hope you’re still on the site! I’ve just come to the realisation that I may be dyspraxic... I’m currently working as a TA and through being exposed to different level of learning difficulties this has made me question my own ability to process information - would love to speak to you as I’m 43 and obviously outside of the diagnosis age too I think.. I feel relieved that I’m not just incredibly stupid, forgetful and clumsy as this is so stressful to deal with ... I just want to find some coping strategies that are effective ... shall we go on a mission together? Take care and look forward to speaking soon

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Re: Feel so lost

Post by jayalexander » Sun Oct 15, 2017 11:45 pm

Hi imamuppet, I'm 36 and used to work as a TA. I, too, found it difficult at times to process some things while I was doing the job - thankfully, for my sanity, it was only a year. I put it down to a lack of training as it's very much an "on the job" career choice, but hey, maybe it can be as a result of dyspraxia - i'm also undiagnosed.

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