Queen of Procrastination

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Queen of Procrastination

Post by Dishevelled » Tue Apr 18, 2017 11:35 pm

Hello all

I am so relieved to find this forum. I am a 44 year old mother of 4 (do not feel mature enough to be 44...) and got my diagnosis April of last year. Even though I had my suspicions for 15 years previous, I have sort of been in denial, even embarrassed about the whole thing. Sometimes I mention it to people most times I don't.
When times are tough I analyse the situation and realise my traits and I guess the DCD diagnosis makes me feel better...ie it's not my 'fault'. It is not an excuse but a great explanation. I got my diagnosis from an OT through Dyspraxia Ireland but did nothing since. I didn't look about any support or speak to anybody since then. She did recommend an Amanda Kirby book on organisation and I would love to know if this has helped anyone.

It's so reassuring to read that others share my difficulties. My time management is atrocious! I shock myself regularly about the repeated behaviour. I really need to read up on tips to improve this but I am ashamed to say I have the children late to school, late to their activities, late to birthday parties. I feel so bad. I'm late for work. Can't get to bed in time, can't get up in time..... Loved when I lived in Florida in my early 20s...no one wore a watch (or shoes) or were bothered by time.

I suffer badly from 'foot in mouth disease'! Yesterday I (unintentionally) insulted my brother who was just home for Easter. I now remember what I said wasn't true at all, it was about someone else. Feel so bad. Must apologise. So yes memory, remembering detail from stories, not so good.

Travel is a big one for me too. I could write a book on missed flights and airport diasters. Last Summer I left our 6 passports behind me in Barcelona (don't ask). Last week the 6 of us were flying home from London after a 5 day break. Going through security an official pointed out the flight was actually for a week later. No flights home that day. £900 for the following day. Had an extra 3 nights in London..and not a happy hubbie.

When the house is a mess (regularly) I get totally overwhelmed and want to run away. I have the same feeling with paperwork at work. I can find it hard to just buckle down and get it done. Queen of Procrastination. But then when I do I'm brilliant! Probably overdoing it! I'm a special needs teacher (ironically). I recently went for an interview for a docorate to be an Ed Psych, but to no avail. I put a lot into it.....then it took a lot out of me. Maybe the timing is not right as my baby is just 2. Or maybe there is something else out there for me. I feel I'm meant to do something to help others on a wider scale, to do something that goes hand in hand with dyspraxic qualities but not just sure what that is....

On reading back on this (which is a snippet, but sorry..a long snippet) I don't know what I've been in denial for! Maybe this forum will help me turn a corner and find some practical ways to help manage some of these delightful ways we have been 'blessed' with. It's not all negative though. Despite my big size 7s I can be empathetic, am a good negotiator, have good ideas and a great sense of adventure. I guess it's important not to let the God damn hard bits drag us down. I love yoga and am proud that I can now do tree pose for longer than 5 seconds! Need to remember to breathe though. I also think that a yoga class is an easy place to spot for a possible DCDer...arrive late- check; dishevelled- check; toppling over in balance poses- check.

Thank you for this forum and thankyou for reading.

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Re: Queen of Procrastination

Post by Ram » Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:27 pm

Welcome to the site, It sounds as if you've had a fascinating life and I look forward to reading other posts from you some time in the future. :-)

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