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Post by HopefulMike » Wed Jan 25, 2017 2:22 am

Hello guys!

So just a quick intro.. I've half known I've been dyspraxic most of my life and help with my physical difficulties in primary school but got signed off due to my hand eye coordination with sports etc getting better. I also had help with other lessons and amounted to a lot of time out of the classroom. I hated being different or people seeing me as 'special'.So I had the choice to ask for support at secondary school and I choose to not have support except with extra time for my hand writing when it came to my GCSES.

I've known it takes me longer to understand things and that I can really struggle within social situations if we don't have anything common after asking a few questions.. now into my mid 20's I have a great job and generally have done it quite well but I want to progress within my job which meant studying and wow was I rusty. I got away with the 1st year not needing help but come the 2nd year of uni I was bursting at the seams with time management, having to talk to my team members about assignments.

So it came to my thoughts I could be dyspraxic I came across here and wow it kind of blew my mind . Suddenly everything clicked and I hated the fact I was different, suddenly thought how people might look at me differently suddenly even my wife or family friends etc.....

So I decided rather then face my fears I would run away ( not literally) quit studying but then I just stressed even more about everything and even tiny things drive me mad. I would over think everything even more then usual!

But reading everyone else's testimonials/intro's and the how friendly everyone seems here has made me want to get assessed and accept my dyspraxic side. Ah wow I have rambled a little...


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Re: Howdy!

Post by Ram » Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:55 pm

I don't know why nobody has welcomed you yet, Mike. Your post is certainly as interesting as anyone elses! Anyway, welcome to the site. I apologize for overlooking your post.

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