A teaching dyspraxic

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A teaching dyspraxic

Post by Teach » Mon Aug 12, 2019 1:00 pm

Hey there all. I'm a teacher and have been for quite some time. I discovered I had dyspraxia as an adult while working with an ed phyc.
I'm struggling with my own sense of failure about my ability to do things like learn the piano and stay organised as a mother. I have been struggling with my jaw clenching and grinding for my entire life, (not sure of that's dyspraxia). But it's got so bad recently.

My dyspraxia is essentially the balance (glass sided escalators anyone?) And organisation and retaining information given to me verbally.

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Re: A teaching dyspraxic

Post by Tom fod » Tue Aug 13, 2019 7:16 pm

Hi and welcome

It's rather a nebulous condition and it can be hard to separate what is symptomatic or simply our response to the stress it causes us.

It often affects working memory/organisation of thought as well as sequencing of fine and/or gross motor control and sense of balance and proprioception.

I find I stress a lot of getting things perfect, which I'd categorise as an unsustainable coping strategy to try to make sure people can't find fault. Problem is, whilst they may not, I certainly would!

I have ground my teeth in past but currently i'm fortunate to be on a relatively even keel for me.

Hope forums help but do look.out www.dyspraxialifemagazine.co.uk

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