Hi I’m a dyspraxic mum of a dyspraxic daughter

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Hi I’m a dyspraxic mum of a dyspraxic daughter

Post by Labmonkey » Sat Feb 09, 2019 1:03 pm

Hi I’m new
I’m a dyspraxic and dyslexic with Irliens and was diagnosed through work at the age if 51.
I am an applications engineer now after years of lab work. My degree was in Geology here in Oxfordshire and school and Uni were a struggle as an undiagnosed dyslexic ( I thought but it turns out dyspraxic too)
I spent ten years in Alps as a ski chalet host/chef after uni working in greek islands in the summertime ( hence greek husband). I am a SciFi PS4 geek and enjoy japanese anime ( Ghibli and less violent animes) and cosplay with my daughter at gaming exhibitions and Comicon.

My daughter is dyspraxic and has irliens ASD and OCD.
We both got glasses for irliens when she was 6 and she was finally diagnosed with dyspraxia when she was 11.
After that she had extra time and computer use but very little help except through our local Dyspraxica Foundation group ( physio group sessions from 7-10 and a group dyspraxia gymn from 11-14 and inclusion in many studies at Oxford Brookes Uni who were very helpful too and week long dyspraxic Ox Olympics for dyspraxic kids each summer..
At 7 she was rediagnosed privately and got ASD and OCD diagnosis ready to get DSA at uni.
She’s doing great at Uni doing a four year Mphys with astrophysics :)
That’s me :)

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Re: Hi I’m a dyspraxic mum of a dyspraxic daughter

Post by Tom fod » Sun Feb 10, 2019 12:29 am

Hi Labmonkey Welcome to our forum. Hope you find it useful. It's a bit old-school as forum was originally set up in 2006.

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