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Can’t be diagnosed?

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 3:18 am
by Mayonaka
Hi, Me and my counsler have been talking about how dyspraxia is a strong possibility for me and recommended i looked for someone to diagnose me. My mom (I’m 16) has looked everywhere and the only place she found was an hour away and only diagnosed younger kids. She said she’s tried really hard to find places but it just doesn’t seem like a very well known disorder. My mom kept saying “oh well it’s pretty obvious you have it, what’s putting a stamp on it going to do” i want to know so i have that peace of mind that I’m not an idiot and it’s not my fault. So i can go to my school and have them give me the help i need. My mom also said to just wait it out, until dyspraxia is a more well known thing and it has more places to be diagnosed- it’s a rare disorder that could be when I’m 30 for all i know. I don’t know what to do it feels very disheartening and it’s leaving me frustrated. I feel so alone, nobody (that I know in real life) actually understands how difficult this is for me, this has effected my entire life, it’s not just like ADHD (which i also have) that you can kind of just deal with, Medicate, whatever- this is untreatable, it doesn’t go away. If everything points to the fact that i have this would it be wrong to say i have it, when i haven’t been officially diagnosed? Its just this burning question that goes through my head everyday, is this really why I’ve been struggling my whole life, the answers right in front of me but i don’t know for sure.

Re: Can’t be diagnosed?

Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:39 am
by Tom fod
Obtaining professional recognition of Dyspraxia/DCD rarely seems to be straightforward and even in Britain the route to formal diagnosis for adults is not by any means easy to find.

Not sure where you're from in thie USA? Equally I confess I know very little of how much if any dyspraxia/DCD specific support is available for adults in the US. Mostly provision for Dyspraxia in Britain seems to be mostly for those of school age. It maybe you have to be less specific when seeking assistance (sorry this is so counter intuitive) and let those you ask assistance from seek a formal assessment for you. I'm aware there's a Dyspraxia Foundation USA and perhaps they can offer some ideas.

Re: Can’t be diagnosed?

Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 4:50 am
by Mayonaka
@tom, yeah I think contacting the Dyspraxia Foundation USA might be a good idea, I’ll try doing that soon. Thank you!

Re: Can’t be diagnosed?

Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:33 am
by LizzyD
At your age your mother would be responsible to request an evaluation for you. The process begins with her submitting a letter to your guidance counselor (usually). Your evaluation is NOT a favor from the school, this is a federal (government) law as well as any state laws that may apply. There are very serious and costly consequences for your school system for failure to provide an evaluation for you once your mother has alerted them to the possibility of a problem. The fact that your counselor is in agreement with this possible diagnosis is extremely beneficial.
Here is a link that your mother may find helpful to assist in your evaluation:
The reason you need to be diagnosed is as you have already stated, you feel different, as if something is wrong with you. People with dyspraxia typically suffer with low self esteem. Diagnosis leads to knowledge, which will lead to help. We look normal, we are expected to perform "normal", little do "they" realize how hard we do work ("Our brains have to work 10x harder than everyone else’s").
There is a book written by a teenager with dyspraxia called, "Caged in Chaos: A Dyspraxic Guide to Breaking Free" by Victoria Biggs. Hopefully you will find it helpful.