Wondering if I have Dyspraxia

Getting assessed for your dyspraxia, getting help, disability allowance etc.

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Wondering if I have Dyspraxia

Post by CraigW » Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:37 am

Hi all, so I've been wondering for a long time whether or not I have dyspraxia. I spoke to my GP about it but she said there's nothing she can do. I looked into getting a private assessment but it is ridiculously expensive.

I appreciate that I can't get a diagnosis but I was just wondering if I could get the opinion of some people with first hand experience.

I've made a list of reasons I think I have it, it's a long list but I wanted to be thorough. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated:

Something about the way I brush my teeth makes my toothbrushes fray really quickly, to the point that people that I have lived with have noticed it. Also I have a tendency to move my head when brushing my teeth instead of my arm

First driving instructor I ever had asked me if I was dyslexic (assume he confused dyslexia and dyspraxia) when I was struggling to follow his instructions

Found learning to drive too stressful and gave up, but eventually opted to learn in automatic car instead, so now hold an automatic license

Tendency to obsess over small details sometimes and need things to be 'even' or 'right' even though I know they don't matter. Example: I made a gift for my girlfriend which was basically a jar with lots of different coloured folded pieces of paper with nice messages on them. I added them in a certain order (eg Green, blue, yellow) and in the year since I made it, I've considered adding more pieces, but because I can't remember which order I put them in, whenever I think about adding more it makes me feel uneasy and I get a knot in my stomach because I don't want the colours to be uneven.

Clumsy, handle things awkwardly and drop things a lot. Often miss when trying to throw something into a bin even if the bin is close

Lack of spacial awareness, forget things are near me and bump into them

Hold cutlery in an odd way

Difficult with things such as buttoning and unbuttoning at times

Difficulty buttering bread, unable to smooth the butter, and tendency to pierce holes in the bread

Hold pen in an odd way and pain with writing

Messy, erratic hand writing. Has been described as child like. Tendency to get ahead of myself when writing and start writing the next letter in the word before writing the one before it

Unable to cut in a straight line when using scissors

Over sensitivity to light

Over sensitivity to noise (especially when trying to sleep), I cannot zone out from repetitive noises such as tapping, and I have to wear ear plugs most nights, especially when staying with my girlfriend because I cannot ignore the sound of her breathing, even though it is very quiet

Difficulties speaking, especially when tired, anxious or in a low mood. This takes the form of speaking too rapidly, mumbling, or stuttering, as well as unable to form the sentence correctly. People often have to ask me to repeat myself

Persistent performance anxiety and social anxiety throughout life. Whenever I'm doing something in front of someone I panic because I know I'm going to screw it up, and because I'm panicking that makes it worse. And also I panic when I'm having a conversation with someone. Every conversation feels like a mini obstacle to overcome.

Persistent low self worth throughout life

Persistent feelings that there is 'something wrong with me' throughout life

Slow to learn to ride bike as a child, and even now do so in an awkward way

Tie shoes in an odd way

Did not learn to swim until I was 27 and still not very good at it (29 now)

Hand eye coordination not very good, not good at catching or throwing

Terrible at ball sports such as football, anything that requires quick thinking and reaction speed really

Have been told that I look odd when I run

Flat feet

Mild hyper mobility in joints (2 physiotherapists have picked up on this)

Very weak sense of smell

I only ever call people by their full first names, never a shortened version of it. For example my girlfriends name is Eleanor, which is what I always call her. I would never say something like "hey el" like others would. This is because something like that is not something that I would do naturally without really thinking about it. To call someone by a shortened version of their name would be something that I would have to think of first and therefore do on purpose

Somewhat weak sense of taste, higher than average tolerance for spicy food, and difficulty picking out individual flavours in dishes

Poor memory, very forgetful and struggle to recall pieces of information, at times I feel like my mind is 'blank' or 'foggy'. I also get confused quite easily

Easily flustered with numerous tasks to do, especially with lots of noise and people around me at work. Prefer quiet and to focus on one thing at a time

Have been described as tactless, rude and blunt at times. Tend to just say what I'm thinking rather than sugar coating it. Don't really understand social norms around the way people interact with each other. Something I've realised about myself recently is that part of the reason I'm not very assertive is because I don't know how to be assertive without being rude/blunt.

I am very Impulsive and changeable

Lots of people have pointed out that I can be very 'moody'

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Re: Wondering if I have Dyspraxia

Post by Tom fod » Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:16 pm

Hi and welcome

I think you tick enough of the boxes that further investigation is worthwhile. You could go back to your GP with the examples you have here or ask for a second opinion from someone else at your GP practise. There may be other options for obtaining an assessment. Your employer/the employment service particularly if they want to support your development as a valued employee. Have you looked at at the Dyspraxia Foundations website and their FAQs for adults. They also have a helpline. Also, there are plenty of posts like yours so please do have a look at some other posts and answers on these forums.

Low self esteem is really common and it's easy to overlook the things we're good at because we are naturally focused on the stuff we struggle with. Try not to compare yourself unfavourably with others but I appreciate we all do this.

There are some crossovers and besides the typical notion that dyslexic people may not like reading and will struggle with writing/spelling etc. Attention span and short term memory can also be impaired. Some people with Dyspraxia may be to a degree affected by Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD and other co-occurring neuro diverse characteristics too. Our novel coping strategies sometimes mark us out from the norm (whatever 'normal' is?)

Please feel free to have a good luck round and post as much or as little as you want/need.

All the best

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Re: Wondering if I have Dyspraxia

Post by Duplin » Wed Mar 01, 2017 2:24 pm

I have 75% of your problems. I haven't contacted a doctor yet, but I think I also have dispraxia. Saddest of them are over thinking and worrying before doing anything, specially while taking tests, and due to that spoil almost everything I do. Fear consumes me and I cannot get over it.

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Re: Wondering if I have Dyspraxia

Post by Tom fod » Wed Mar 01, 2017 10:22 pm

Duplin wrote:I have 75% of your problems. I haven't contacted a doctor yet, but I think I also have dispraxia. Saddest of them are over thinking and worrying before doing anything, specially while taking tests, and due to that spoil almost everything I do. Fear consumes me and I cannot get over it.
Hi and welcome Duplin

Please do speak to your GP or college Welfare people (if you're in full time education?) about counselling and obtaining an assessment and additional support to help you unlock your potential. Dyspraxia is a bastard as it makes so many of us feel like hopeless cases who are beyond helping. It's not true. I hope you find the site a helpful and supportive place.

With a foot full of bullets I tried to run faster but I just hobbled on to the next disaster.
(from Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Foot Full of Bullets)

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Re: Wondering if I have Dyspraxia

Post by angelarl » Fri Oct 19, 2018 2:16 pm


I am also wondering if I have dyspraxia. I so relate to the things you have said and how you are feeling! I am in my fifties and still struggle with so many things and dyspraxia seems like the most likely cause for my issues. I always felt different and couldn't do things like sequencing or maths at all at school. I was not good at logical tasks or non verbal reasoning. I had trouble with ball and team games but was really good at gymnastics and athletics. I learnt to ride a bike as an adult. I couldn't answer questions in class as i was afraid to speak out and I had problems with my handwriting and coordination. I had trouble with left and right (still do)I couldn't tell the time or order the months in primary school although I was a very quick and fluid reader. Couldn't do my shoe laces and also still do the bunny rabbit loops thing. I didn't have problems with speaking but find it difficult to put things into words in writing. It takes me a long time and it has to be right. I prefer to type rather than write as I type really fast. I can't write in straight lines and I get tired easily. My thoughts seem to come quite fast and I have trouble putting them down on paper quick enough. I also now trip over words more when I am tired. People say I talk too much - and I really can't seem to keep quiet! I'm quite loud as well compared to other people.

It took me years to learn how to drive and finally passed my test on the 5th attempt. I had several instructors who seemed to lose patience with me so it was difficult. One said that he didn't know what to do with me as some days I could drive really well and others I seemed to be starting at the beginning again. I was also useless with directions and frequently turned left when asked to turn right. It took me ages to work out which direction the car would move in if I reversed and turned the wheel round a corner. I thought it was all down to nerves. The last instructor I had was really patient and used to quietly repeat instructions, which I followed until I finally got it. I now drive an automatic car fairly confidently. I don't like parking though!

Now I still have issues with prioritising work and organising myself on a daily basis at home and at work. I often lose bits of paper, trip over, bump into things - such as desks and trip on steps going upstairs, forget what I'm doing, forget to do things and put things off. I have been at the end of my tether and feeling very stressed. I'm not good on the phone and frequently punch in wrong numbers. It's all very stressful. I often feel anxious and distressed, especially when having to do new things or meet new people.
I am currently having CBT which is helpful.
I would like to get a diagnosis just so that I know what has been plaguing me all these years and continues to plague me.
Is it worth paying all that money to get a diagnosis, I wonder?

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Re: Wondering if I have Dyspraxia

Post by Andrew_S_Hatton » Fri Oct 19, 2018 3:41 pm

The things reported by "angelarl" are very familiar - including becoming suspicious in one's fifties.

It mirrors my experience & I did go on to learn more via the UK's Dyspraxia Foundation and then to be formally assessed - in my case firstly by a private clinical psychologist - because I lacked the sense to use my trade union membership to have an a assessment provided via work.

I presume that Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, can reasonably be expected to help, as I presume that enables folk review their difficulties and attributes and manage them more effectively.

I am not sure that life improved for me consequential on an assessment as I was still left with the same difficulties and assets that I had experienced all my life.

I do remember feeling determined to find out one way or another.

Now I am not certain that DCD?Dyspraxia is even a discrete condition as so many with the condition - turn out to also have other neuro-diverse conditions - in my case I am also assessed as being dyslexic.

Welcome - comments and questions help us better understand our own situation - there is much information on the internet - this forum is particularly useful and supportive, in my opinion.

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