Dyspraxic or just a bit clumsy/disorganised

Getting assessed for your dyspraxia, getting help, disability allowance etc.

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Dyspraxic or just a bit clumsy/disorganised

Post by redfraggle » Wed Nov 30, 2016 10:44 am

Hi guys,

Looking for a bit of advice really. I'm 36 (f) for reference and I've been wondering if I might be dyspraxic ir if I'm just one of natures clumsy folk.

I am inherently clumsy (my favorite tricks are almost walking through a door but shoulder barging it instead or falling off the side of the pavement) I can injure myself if left quietly in an empty room.
I'm terribly disorganised and chaotic. I start with good intentions, write lists etc but it all seems to get away from me and I never stay organised for more than half a day tops. I'm horribly cluttered, disorganised and messy at home.
I frequently lose things (usually keys or phone) despite having had them 5 minutes ago.
I often know the word for something but it feels like it gets stuck between my brain and my mouth so I end up not quite being able to recall it.
I have always been a messy eater, even as a child
I am a constant daydreamer and space out a lot during the day I also overthink
I do a weird "flappy hand" thing when stressed
I talk too much and often repeat myself


I have good balance
I have had no difficulty riding a bike or similar activities
I can throw and catch with pretty good accuracy
My handwriting is good providing I'm not trying to write too fast
I am moderately awkward in social situations but no more so than some other folk I know
I can distinguish left from right if I think about it for a moment or two (favorite trick is to remember which hand my wedding ring sits on)
I don't really struggle with self care such as makeup, doing my hair etc
Buttons and zips on clothing don't really phase me
I'm pretty okay when it comes to thinks like DIY etc

The info I have looked at online seems really conflicting so I am not really sure if I might be borderline dyspraxic or just one of natures clutz's Not looking for a diagnosis just a bit of advice on if it would be worth booking to see my GP.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Dyspraxic or just a bit clumsy/disorganised

Post by Tom fod » Sat Dec 03, 2016 8:40 am

Hi Redfraggle

Dyspraxia is really quite a difficult condition to define but there is a wide spectrum of ability/diffuculty and not everyone will tick all the boxes in all areas. It's also possible to develop coping strategies that mitigate or overcome areas of difficulty. Clumsiness, coordination issues and disorganisation are all indicators but there are many fallacies, For example, whilst not all people affected can ride a bike, plenty can.

Getting a 'diagnosis' as an adult can be a struggle and if you do get one there isn't really a lot of help or 'a cure'. However it may help explain difficulties and enable one to better accept oneself. Equally it can help you justify to an employer a need for reasonable adjustment or assist in an employment tribunal.

Please do a good look through other posts on the forum and do feel free to post any further questions you might have.
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Re: Dyspraxic or just a bit clumsy/disorganised

Post by redfraggle » Thu Dec 15, 2016 1:26 pm

Just wanted to say thank you for your response. I have been to see my GP today and she is referring me on for further assessment. She was actually really helpful and listened well and asked lots of questions. In her opinion I fall smack bang in the spectrum for Dyspraxia but obviuosly that comes with the caveat that she's not qualified enough to give a formal diagnosis hence her referring me on to an assessment centre.

I'll keep you posted as to the outcome but the support from reading others experiences on this forum has been really helpful!

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