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So I am getting an assessment

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2016 9:37 pm
by shadowgirl021

So hopefully in December, I am finally getting done an assessment for Dyspraxia. Though I have read the first post, is that still what the assessment is like? All ive been told is to bring something written for them to look out. Those questions on the different post.... well I don't know off hand. Guess now I could think about my answers if that is honestly what I am going to look forward to in this assessment.

Oh and they have sent me a map. I find that highly odd. Not about the map to a new building, but the fact that this is a professional and he's meant to know what Dyspraxia is and he's sent me a map. I don't know.... I guess everyone who has the condition is different

Re: So I am getting an assignment

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2016 10:18 pm
by Tom fod

First of all we hope it goes well for you.

Is the map meant to help you find the placec where your assessment is to be held? (I do understand the irony.) Have you given any thought to how you will get there on the day? Always good to allow plenty of time to get there to try to minimise stress as much as is possible.

Have you received any info about what to expect during the assessment.?

May we ask how was it arranged and what is the name of the organistion involved?

Which other post are you refferring to? The one above this with all the questions?

Guess you neean assessment rather than assignment as in your title?

Re: So I am getting an assessment

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:06 pm
by shadowgirl021
Hahahaha, oh dear, did I really just write assignment? I was actually thinking of my Uni assignment while writing this, hence why I more then likely wrote assignment, but will change it now :D which answers your question about how it was arranged. I went to the additional needs team at my uni, they gave me a list of professionals who could help me and I phoned one of them up. The organisational name escapes me at this moment in time, if that was what you were asking, but because these are a list of names, given by the Uni, I am sure they are credible. The University team however are called ASSIST.

I always do. I am going to travel by bus and I have learnt to always travel and leave early because I do 9 times out of 10 get lost so yes, that is the plan. But at least I arrive earlier then most. Yes the map is meant to help me find the place, I can only assume.

No, not really, all I got told was that I have to bring a piece of writing with me. I am assuming they are checking for my handwriting? but I said that was fine and considering im at uni, that wouldn't be too difficult. At college, years ago now, they made me do some tests but they couldn't officially diagnose me with Dyspraxia

I was, its the first post, its pretty old now so was wondering if that still stands for every assessment, but can guess that everyone one is individual

Oh and thank you, I hope so too :)

Re: So I am getting an assessment

Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2016 10:44 pm
by Tom fod
It reads like it's a pretty thorough questionnaire designed to gather a wide range of info about the respondent but don't know how typical it is or if you'll get exactly the same questionnaire.

With so many of us tending to type rather than write out assignments these days, I guess handwritten docs are getting rarer. Holding a pen differently and having a slower more laborious handwriting style does seem to be perceived as an indicator of dyspraxia, though not sure how it is weighted. I think assessments look at the difference between verbal and non verbal intelligence but I'm sorry I'm a bit sketchy about the details of and reasoning behind this.

Can anyone who's done an assessment recently or who knows more please comment?
The Dyspraxia Foundation's website may also have info about what to expect.

Re: So I am getting an assessment

Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2016 2:48 pm
by otis_b_flywheel
I hope your assessment goes well too, and if it's anything like mine was it'll be very worthwhile. I was assessed by Dyspraxia UK in September.
To try to answer the question Tom has posed, I think the handwriting tests are more about fine motor co-ordination than anything else. I would be concerned if your assessor were only to look at some previous handwriting that you've been asked to bring in. Mine spent a lot of time watching me writing and, for example, counting how many words I wrote during each minute of an exercise. She also looked at formation of letters etc, which for me is not a problem, although she did identify that for me to make them requires a huge amount of effort.
The map thing is a bit inconsiderate - a suggestion of e g a bus route to take - with the name of the stop - might have been helpful.
I wonder if it might pay you to "shop around" a bit for an assessor?
Best of luck