Officially diagnosed -Ideomotor Apraxia?

Getting assessed for your dyspraxia, getting help, disability allowance etc.

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Officially diagnosed -Ideomotor Apraxia?

Postby michele » Mon Jul 25, 2016 6:34 pm

So I self-diagnosed as Dyspraxia a number of years ago (lets see still horrible at shoe laces, no sense of time, left and right are still a work in progress, etc) but upon finally going to a neurologist (USA) the actual diagnosis he gave me is Ideomotor Apraxia. I'm trying to figure out if this is dyspraxia or just extremely similar with even less useful information, research, or support then dyspraxia. My neurologist says I am the second case he has ever seen.

He says its a disorder of praxis so...

I was either born with this or aquired it during medical events as a toddler.
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Re: Officially diagnosed -Ideomotor Apraxia?

Postby Tom fod » Mon Jul 25, 2016 11:39 pm

Hi Michele

So do you agree with/understand this diagnosis? Is obtaining a 2nd Opinion viable? Has he suggested any next steps? Did you mention Dyspraxia and how did he respond?

From the little I can understand, apraxia = unable to do and dyspraxia is more 'difficulty with doing' . However I suspect this is very much an over simplification and both conditions at least in theory would have crossovers.

I'm not a physician of any variety so I'm unable to interpret this diagnosis or your medical history (no expectation of your sharing this.

Anyway, whatever label you mighr have, you're still welcome here.

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Re: Officially diagnosed -Ideomotor Apraxia?

Postby michele » Fri Sep 16, 2016 11:58 am

Its past time I replied (and sorry about typos...dyspraxia plus typing on cellphone, mitagated by the fact that I was handed a keyboard at an extremely young age)

I am frustrated in general living in the USA with this condition.

I am being pushed toward taking a high functioning autism diagnosis or a mental health issue diagnosis...for one reason....that is how you get services.

Defining me as autistic is really silly. I am interactive, social, imaginative, empathic, have interests galore. As for the mental health side, I am very certain at this point that things like depression and anxiety exist within me only as a direct an obvious result of living a life of constant disempowerment, rejection, and stress. I am complety fine when the world is not making my life difficult, stressfulf, and painful for no bloody reason.

Sure there are far to many memories of beinf bullied and taunted and misunderstood. I crash hard because things actually happen but I am an extremely resiliant human being so I pick myself backup...again. So sure I could use the band-aid of mood medication...or how about finding away to help me have a better life.

This is not to say that some people do not have primary issues with anxiety or depression...for me these things are and always have been the symptom of my actual circomstances and I have tons of healthy coping mechanisms when people get the hell out of the way of my using them. I am quite aware of the real world, and know the difference between fantasy and reality....I just find th3 "real" world a painful place that tends to hate me so I cope by reading books, and collecting immersive experiances both digital and in thenphysical world.

A friend described my life as "death of a thousand cuts"...all I can do is survive and try to thrive while dealing with the endless barrage I just can not escape. To treat me for depression is to do the same for someone with a broken limb....rather then give them a cast. It is my circomstances not my biology that lead to anxiety or depression...I would love to change the circomstances.

I live off crumbs, distractions, and small victories because they are all I have.

There is this spark with in that just stays lit even when I am all but shoved into a pit of dispair. I do not have a natural sense of time, I hate qppointments, clocks, calenders, burocrasy. I just want to do things spontaniously. The more scheduled I am the more anxious I am. I get so muxh more done without schedules and again anxiety is a direct result of forcing me to operate in a way thaat is unnatural.

I am seriously wondering if there is logic and a way for me to just go to a country that at least properly recognizes dyspraxia.

I now understand why all the definitions are confused...Autism is trendy here and every group wants a piece of the pie.

I fit dyspraxia (I finally have the label ideomotor apraxia) and have been previously considered ADD as well as gifted, learning disabled, and adjustment disorder (which is only supposed to last 6 months but loophole I keep having traumatic experiances because I have dyspraxia) shall we choose rhe mental health road, aspergers/autism...or relocation. My life feels like a farse.

"When none of the offfical paths lead you anywhere good there is a simple solution...forget about roads."

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