Wanting to know more.

Getting assessed for your dyspraxia, getting help, disability allowance etc.

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Wanting to know more.

Post by scruffy » Mon May 23, 2016 4:23 am

Does anyone know what kind of professional to go to for a more refined assessment of my Dyspraxia? I was diagnosed last fall by a neuropsychologist, but I still don't feel like I have a complete understanding of how it affects me. I am very bad at things like organization and time management and I can be absent-minded, too. How much of it is dyspraxia and how much of it is something that I can control? Where can I get help on improving the way I adapt to my dyspraxia?

I'd love to participate in a study of dyspraxia in adults. Is there anyone here in the US that is working on something like that? Has anyone ever had an MRI done to see if there are structural issues involved with the cerebellum and neural motor pathways? I'd love to be able to see exactly what is going on with my poor cerebellum.


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Re: Wanting to know more.

Post by Tom fod » Mon May 23, 2016 9:13 pm

An Occupational Therapist may be able to offer some help/ideas

http://www.dyspraxiausa.org may be able to tell you if there is any research and possibly introduce you, though most UK based researchers tend to be focusing on the condition in and experience of children and young adults though I'm not aware if MRI has been studied. I sadly suspect dyspraxia falls low in priority. It seems to be linked to neural pathways (and overloading of synapses - my conjecture in italics)

As far as ideas this guide from the UK Dyspraxia foundation may be interesting/helpful.
http://www.dyspraxiafoundation.org.uk/d ... ia_1.0.pdf

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