Dyspraxia And Clothing Coordination?

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Dyspraxia And Clothing Coordination?

Postby lizzie1991 » Mon Jan 29, 2018 7:55 pm

Hello everyone, does anyone else here have problems with clothing and coordination? For me I find socks hard to put on unless I am sat down. I find that I can't coordinate my socks very well because when I put them on they are not how they should be like the bit that is on the back of the foot ends up on the inner part of foot. It takes a while to put them on how they should be worn and to be honest most the time can't be bothered to correct it.

When I was younger there are a few school photos where one sock is up my trousers and the other one isn't showing. These days I struggle to put certain trousers on neatly and keep them how they should be, for example my lower legs end up with the seem twisted to my shins and not worn straight like they should be.

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