Tips for making everyday tasks easier?

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Tips for making everyday tasks easier?

Post by cyborgrani » Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:20 am

I was recently given a prescription for antibiotic eye drops (long story short, I scratched my cornea and I still don't know how) and after several attempts to get them in and getting them all down my face instead, I realised that somewhere for dyspraxic people to give each other hints on how to manage tasks could be invaluable. So, if anyone has anything that they've found helps, maybe posting it here might help! The same goes for any questions you have about what other people have found to work - it's more likely that you'll find someone who can give advice if your question is out there. :)

As for eye drops, I've started using a tilting mirror and kneeling below it. That way, I can tip my head far back enough for it to work and I can still see what I'm doing to aim better. Tying knots is another thing that I've found myself adapting to work for me; to ensure I can use both hands, I generally hold down the first part of the knot with a foot (no shoes, of course!) So, if anyone else has anyone tips that they've found to help them, share away!

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Re: Tips for making everyday tasks easier?

Post by Clumsy » Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:01 pm


So I may be able to help here, with the eye drops...

I wear contact lenses and fro time to time when my eyes are dry I squirt a bit of lens cleaner in my eye just to moisten it a bit, this is how I do it...

1- lay a towel on the bed
2- lay on bed with head over towel, facing the ceiling
3- assuming your doing your left eye, use the thumb on the bottom eye lid, index finger on the top eye lid and hold your eye open.
4- drops bottle in your right hand, rest it on your face somewhere to steady your hand, and squirt!!
5- use the towel to mop up any spillage

Sounds so simple, but took me absolutely ages to figure out how to do this without getting loads all over my face!!

Hope this helps.

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Re: Tips for making everyday tasks easier?

Post by otis_b_flywheel » Sun Apr 23, 2017 1:48 pm

I squirt a bit of lens cleaner in my eye
The cleaning fluid is really nasty stuff
if you get it in your eye - it will hurt like hell for several days (as I can report from bitter experience) and may cause longer term damage.
Take care!
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