Feeling Down

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Feeling Down

Post by Spenno18 » Tue Jan 31, 2017 1:45 pm

Hi, this is my first post on this forum as I haven't really thought about researching into other people with the same condition.

So there are some days like today where I get up and feel really down like not wanting to do anything and just feeling that nothing can make me happy. Does anyone else get this and what can be done to try and help/resolve the issue?.

It doesn't help that I knew someone from America as the only real friends I can make are online. Today she just decided that we shouldn't talk anymore which really didn't help the situation after knowing each other for almost 3 years and now I feel worse. If anyone had gone through something similar, what was done to make it better?

Tom fod
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Re: Feeling Down

Post by Tom fod » Tue Jan 31, 2017 8:37 pm

Hi Spenno and welcome

Despite sharing the same condition we're all individuals even though we might proudly or quietly and hopefully unobtrusively wear our personal 'Dyspraxic' label.

Sadly I think I can say we all experience similar feelings of loneliness, feeling different, rejected even and I sense you may feel you're solely (or just mostly?) to blame for your online friends' decision to cease contact?

I note from your profile you work as a Barista and like to look after people, Do you find you forget to or feel guilty about putting yourself first? Do you find yourself unable to deploy your cheerful customer facing mode outside of work. I think quite a few of us struggle with making small talk and the transition between that and deep and meaningful conversation and friendly good natured banter?

I could suggest all the usual but Idon't want to insult your intelligence with all the usual go out more, join a club etc since I don't know what social opportunities you have or what barriers there are to your feeling happier? Nor does anyone expect you to feel you have to bare your soul on these forums. Quite a few of us do and this forum aims to provide a sympathetic/supportive corner of the web.

Sorry for all the deeply searching/awkward questions. Don't feel obliged to try to answer them and please don't beat yourself up for being you. Feel free to ask any questions you want to, contribute to other topics or just read others' posts here.

All the best

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