Escalator nightmare

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Escalators a problem when younger but easier now

Post by eeepower » Thu Jan 31, 2008 2:28 am

When I was younger going up or down was a problem. As I got older perhaps 15 plus better.

However I realised since i knew about Dyspraxia that I am thinking it out big time when I do it.

Anyone similar and have most things to do with coordination improved?

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Re: Escalator nightmare

Post by michele » Thu Aug 28, 2008 4:00 am

I can't walk steps without falling and tripping way to often, but I can run/jump them (while holding onto a railing) with a lot more idea why its just how I work. Escalators pretty much work the same way. Boarding them is tough going down...took me years to master that part without freaking out. To exit going down I leap or jump...much better then dealing with a step that gets smaller and smaller and then ends in a trip bar. By taking a large step before reaching that stage I avoid the entire issue.

Going up boarding isn;t to bad but exiting is more difficult I have to hang onto the railing and sometimes I look really silly. I try to do a similar big step but its harder going up.

The steps themselves do make me dizzy but I don;t watch them, before boarding the escalator I emorize a landmark that tells em the end is appaoraching and as soon as I have succerely boarded and am hanging on to the railing with my feet securely on a step I watch that spot, then I watch a second spot that is just far enough in front of where I wish to land. It keeps me from panicing or getting dizzy.

My prefered escalator has a few people on it but gives me plenty of space to choose my spot or keep moving.

As for the colors...I'll get back to you when I next ride some escalators. There is a scheme that droves me crazy when I qwas younger, it might be the yellow ones, but I honestly haven;t rode one that bugged me in awhile, probably because I'm used to all of the ones I regularly encounter or maybe whatever kind it was fell out of favor here...the last thing I should probably do is go looking for a problem escalator...but I'll keep ya posted. Usually the open ones in the center of malls are better for me then the ones in the department stores if that helps but since i'm talking about the US that probably means nothing?

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Re: Escalator nightmare

Post by mattie » Wed Sep 24, 2008 11:44 am

I hate escalators; especially the London Underground ones! :D


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Re: Escalator nightmare

Post by Artful Angel » Fri Sep 26, 2008 2:46 pm

Upstairs not too bad- often fall up .
Downstairs. I have to hold onto the rails.Must have the light on.Can not carry too much up or down iether.
Lifts- Hate them although when I was a nurse I had to use them and so got used to them.
Escalators. Nightmare. Terrify me, have to concentrate the whole time and last week I went to London and had to do so many in the underground- worry about holding my bags, which foot to use, when the steps get bigger or smller near the end. How I am going to get off the thing.
When people rush past me, I want to hit them!
Yet when I was unaware of the dypraxia I thought I loved them.

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Re: Escalator nightmare

Post by Icarus » Wed Dec 03, 2008 12:14 am

I can't use escalators because of my fear of heights, and lifts are even worse! Claustrophobia and being in a deep hole, no thank you! My mum never understood why I would get so frightened when I was young, Always taking the lift...
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