Tying laces

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Re: Tying laces

Post by Dan » Sat Apr 28, 2018 3:17 am

Chrido81 wrote:
Dan wrote:I really struggled with it, but probably learnt at about 10 years old, as I was going to secondary school. The trick that really helped me was doing the bunny ears method, as I think the symmetry of the two laces in that version of tying them made it easier for me to get the motions correct. Mine actually do stay tied now, but I tend to double knot it, so that's probably why.
How TF do you keep them tied? I've tried triple knotting them if the laces are long enough, and they still come undone!!
You need to make sure you tighten them quite hard, and I would honestly say that the bunny ear method is much more effective anyway.

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